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Bonded Logistics, Definition And Advantages


Bonded logistics is an expression that is used in international trade. It usually refers to customs deposit areas, which are called customs warehouses or international warehouses and are supervised by the local governments of a country, where imported or transit goods are temporarily found that are not subject to national tax laws, in others words, are exempt from the taxes that the products must pay regularly.

Usually, these goods are destined to be sold in the international market and only with some exceptions for sale in the national market. Because they are goods in transit, bone that will not remain in the country, exported or re-exported as appropriate to international destinations, most of them in free zones, free markets or areas of some countries whose legislation allows you not to collect taxes. Recall that the existence of in bond stores makes it easier to trade and exchange by making bureaucratic processes simple.

All the goods and merchandise that are in the areas destined to the bonded are in transit and therefore do not pay any kind of taxes because they will not be distributed in the national market but taken abroad for their distribution. This type of logistics allows the international market to be more accessible for all the entrepreneurs of a country.

In bonded logistical process benefits.

In bonded logistics, allows the producer of a country to avoid the payment of taxes and tariff charges that would otherwise be required to pay, so that the product or merchandise that will not be distributed within the borders of the country is free of this charge , which allows the entrepreneur to save on distribution expenses, another advantage of the in-bond is the greater ease for bureaucratic procedures, as it is not a product that will be distributed within the country, they enjoy a preference for the completion of the necessary procedures for its export.

The stores in bonded, provide the necessary conditions to manage the merchandise the necessary time without damaging the quality or deteriorating the conditions of the same, while they are in the stores in bond, they are under the custody of customs and the care of the same are directly under the responsibility of this entity Which has the obligation to ensure the proper handling of the goods in their custody, and ensure the integrity of them.

In bonded logistical process, has allowed the export of goods worldwide to be more agile, safe, reliable. By allowing entrepreneurs more secure and quick mechanisms to export their goods, in addition to the considerable savings of money that this represents, the collaboration of the countries has been fundamental for the in-bond to become a reality. In this way the entrepreneurs know that their products are located in a privileged area of the customs and that all the procedures to be carried out will be faster.

The efficiency in the handling of the in-bonds all over the world has resulted in a faster transport of the merchandise which translates into the reduction of delivery times in the distribution chain saving time and money and improving the quality of the product. 

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