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Londen is rapidly developing central and east London to become the next leading technological cluster. The cluster in the area encompassing Shoreditch, Hoxten and Old street is quickly becoming the major hub for media agencies and tech firm with a digital edge. As a reference to silicon valley the area is now becoming known as the Silicon roundabout.

From the twelfth to the fifteenth of December, YES!Delft Students will be visiting London to feel the English entrepreneurial vibe. With visits to a top university with incubator, Central Working, the Google Campus and the Silicon Roundabout you will be dazzled by the speed at which east London is growing. Join us at this entrepreneurial trip to Rising London!

Students will be selected on the basis of a motivational letter and their resumé.
There will be an admittance fee which will be € 125 for the entire trip. The application deadline is on the 22th of November at 12:00.

For more information about RISING LONDON visit the YES!Delft Students site

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