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Masterclass Scientific Software Engineering

The masterclass of June 9th is fully booked.
Please do register though (non-binding), such that we can contact you if the masterclass is organised again. Our current idea is to have a second session in August or September 2011.

You will get a general confirmation of your registration first.
You will receive a final confirmation no later than the end of June, which also includes an invoice for the masterclass fee, which is 275€ for (PhD) students, 375€ for DCSE members or 475€ for others.

For further information on this Masterclass, please contact Jok Tang at 015-2511948 or via jok.tang@vortech.nl

If you have questions about this registration or the invoice, please contact Marieke Dezaire at 015-2850125 or via marieke.dezaire@vortech.nl

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 workshop registration