Dutch Analytics offers an agile solution combining data and AI-based analytics to reduce operational costs and increase machine uptime.

C-Cube international is specialist in corrosion and wear and has developed and patented technology to measure corrosion very precisely. With this technology, C-Cube international decreases maintenance costs and increases uptime of our clients by measuring corrosion in an early state, before equipment failure.

We deliver a complete drone-based inspection system as a tool for the aviation industry. So you can perform your unscheduled and regular inspections in a safer, faster and more cost-effective way.

We install our sensor sticker, the Data Node, on any object and deliver the data to your database/software platform.

From a data point of view, most company systems are still in the ‘stone age’. Data retrieval and processing are inflexible and rely heavily on manual work. LexIQ not only automates data analysis but also uses advanced machine learning algorithms to recognize patterns and make accurate predictions.






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