Humanities Master’s Open Day Buddy Programme: get yourself a buddy!
Are you an international student visiting the Humanities Faculty during the Master’s Open Day? Then you can now register for a buddy to guide you through the day.

Having a buddy is a nice way to start the Master’s Open Day. Your buddy can pick you up at the train station, guide you from building to building and make sure you arrive at your presentations in time. Apart from that, our buddies are Master’s students themselves so you can ask them all about what it’s like to study humanities in Leiden.

To register for a buddy, please contact:


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Time Programme Location
11.15 - 17.00 Information sessions Lipsius building,  Huizinga building
& Matthias de Vrieshof
14.15 - 16.30 Information market Arsenaal building

14.15 - 16.30
Information market - Arsenaal building
(2-min walk from Humanities information session locations)

Visit the Information Market, meet alumni, get answers to your personal questions and get a free drink! Just a few steps away from the other buildings, you will find:

  • Representatives from all programmes
  • Student Career Service
  • Student Affairs
  • Job Market Café


11.15 - 17.00
Information sessions 10 March

Time Programme Location
11.15 - 12.00 Studying Humanities in Leiden: an introduction
for international and Dutch students with a
degree from another university.
Lipsius building
12.15 - 13.00 Tour of Humanities buildings Lipsius building

13.15 - 14.00

Classics and Ancient Civilisations
+ Classics and Ancient Civilisations research
North American Studies

Book and Digital Media Studies
Middle Eastern Studies + Middle Eastern Studies research
Philosophy (1 year programme):
* Ethics and Politics
* History and Philosophy of the Sciences
* Philosophical Anthropology and Philosophy of Culture

African Studies + African Studies research
Arts and Culture:
* Art of the Contemporary World and World Art Studies
* Museums and Collections
Asian Studies:
* History, Arts and Culture of Asia
* Politics, Society and Economy of Asia
* South Asian Studies
* Southeast Asian Studies
History + History research:
* General introduction
International Relations:
* Culture and Politics
* Global Conflict in the Modern Era
* Global Order in Historical Perspective
* Global Political Economy
Journalistiek & Nieuwe Media
Latin American Studies + Latin American Studies research
Lerarenopleiding / Teacher training
Linguistics (general programme)
Literary Studies:
* Literature in Society. Europe and Beyond

Huizinga building

Matthias de Vrieshof

Lipsius building

14.15 - 15.00

Are you visiting a History specialisation session?
Don't forget to register for the History general
introduction (13.15 - 14.00) as well!

History + History research:
* Cities, Migration and Global Interdependence

Philosophy 120EC (2 year programme)

Arts and Culture:
* Art and Architecture before 1800
* Design, Culture & Society
Asian Studies:
* Chinese Studies
* East Asian Studies
* Japanese Studies
* Korean Studies
Bijzonder Masterprogramma Leraar Duits
English Literature and Culture
French Language and Linguistics & Literature and Culture
History + History research:
* Ancient History
History + History research:
* Archival Studies
* Colonial and Global History
History + History research:
* Europe 1000-1800
History + History research:
* Political Culture and National Identities
Linguistics research

Huizinga building

Matthias de Vrieshof

Lipsius building

15.15 - 16.00

Europaeum programme (specialisation History)
Russian and Eurasian Studies

Arts and Culture research + Literary Studies research
Asian Studies research
Comparative Literature and Literary Theory
English Language and Linguistics
Film and Photographic Studies
International Relations:
* European Union Studies
Journalistiek en nieuwe media
Leiden Leadership Programme@Humanities
Lerarenopleiding / Teacher training (in Dutch)
Philosophy, Politics and Economics (specialisation
Philosophy 1 year programme)
Theology and Religious Studies

Huizinga building

Lipsius building
16.15 - 17.00 German Literature and Culture
International Relations:
* Culture and Politics
* Global Conflict in the Modern Era
* Global Order in Historical Perspective
* Global Political Economy
Language and Communication
Translation in Theory and Practice (Dutch/English)
Lipsius building

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