5th International Congress of Mentalization Based Treatment

5th International Congress of Mentalization Based Treatment

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'hard-to-reach' patients – by Saskia Knapen

15nd of August 2019


"How can we reach 'hard-to-reach' patients with personality disorders?" PD patients often have severe attachment problems, have been disillusioned by mental health services and have little trust in psychotherapy. Therefore they are often perceived as being unwilling to change or unmotivated, while actually, because of epistemic distrust, they are too afraid to trust what psychotherapy has to offer them.


That's the core question in the Expert at Work session of Saskia Knapen on our 5th International Conference of Mentalization-Based Treatment. The expert at work session of Saskia Knapen is on the 22nd of November between 11:15h and 12:15h.




Formulation and short term MBT – by Sebastian Simonsen

1st of August 2019

In this presentation the background and rationales for a randomized controlled trial currently underway comparing fourteen-months (long) with twenty weeks (short) MBT treatment for subthreshold or borderline personality disorder will be presented.


The plenary session of Sebastian Simonsen is scheduled on the 21st of November 2019 between 13:30h and 14:15h.


Check here Sebastian's introduction video



Mentalization Based Treatment with adults patients – latest research by Maaike Smits

11th of july 2019

Are you interested in an overview of empirical research on the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of Mentalization-Based Treatment for adult patients? Maaike Smits will present a meta-review of the research in this field up to now. Moreover, she will discuss evidence on predictors of treatment outcome and working mechanisms of Mentalization-based treatment. Do not miss this interesting presentation and subscribe for the 5th international Conference of Mentalization Based Treatment now! 

Maaike Smits will share her results in a plenary session on the 22nd of November 2019 between 10:15h and 10:45h. 


Mentalization Based Treatment with school-age children – latest developments by Nick Midgley

27th of june 2019

MBT Netherlands is proud to introduce Nick Midgley, one of the plenary speakers on our 5th International Congress. His talk will briefly review some of the key developments in MBT work with school-age children, and address some of the key features that differentiate it from mentalization-based interventions with other age groups.

The plenary session of Nick Midgley will be on the 22nd of November 2019 between 09:15h and 09:45h. 

Check here Nick's introduction video


MBT for Psychosis
29th of may 2019

Why do residual social functioning impairment remain the most serious obstacle to remission and reinsertion in society in cases of schizophrenia spectrum disorders (SSP) where symptoms were successfully treated? This will be the key question of the presentation of Martin Debbané at the 5th International MBT Conference. Martin Debbané will present some of the newest conceptual, empirical and clinical developments of MBT with regards to SSP.

MBT Netherlands is proud to welcome Martin Debbané as one of the plenary speakers on our 5th International Congress. The plenary session of Martin Debbané will be on the 21st of November 2019 between 15:30h and 16:15h. We hope to see you at our congress! 

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