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Are you interested in the entrepreneurial life and do you like the med biotech sector? Inspiring entrepreneurs will give us their honest testimonial about their failures and the lessons they learnt on their way to success.

Get inspired by the entrepreneurs that change the way we are taking care of each other. Three start-ups will talk about the way they are improving the medical sector. Who are they? Well, take a look for yourself:

Clinical Graphics
Making 3 dimensional, moveable models of joints in our body, this company gives doctors the best information to make important treatment decisions.

Almost a third of all hospital logistics involves waste management. Pharmafilter revolutionizes the way this waste is disposed and recycled.

Novosanis designs and develops medical devices for a variety of applications, ranging from injection appliances to in vitro diagnostics.

So come and join us! The lecture is free for everyone and so are the sandwiches and drinks afterwards. All you have to do is sign up!

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