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MediaEval 2013 Core Participant Registration

Registration website for MediaEval 2013 Core Participants

As you probably already know, MediaEval http://www.multimediaeval.org/ is a benchmarking initiative that is dedicated to innovation and evaluation in multimedia access and retrieval. The benchmark emphasizes the human and social aspects of multimedia.

One of the strengths of benchmarking is that it makes possible comparison of results achieved by a large number of different approaches. In past years of MediaEval, we have found that we need at least five different teams participating in a task in order to have a comparison between approaches that is scientifically interesting. For this reason, we introduced the idea of MediaEval "core participants".

A core participant is a team that declares its interest and commitment to participating in a MediaEval task at the very beginning of the MediaEval season (before the start of the "official" task sign up). Core participants are participants that have confirmed that they will carry out the task, submit the results, write a working notes paper (2 pages) and also attend the workshop. Further, the organizers might ask the core participant to help with small duties (e.g., keeping their eyes open for typos in the readme file for a task data release).

Last year we collected the names of the core participants informally, but this year, MediaEval appears to be growing again and it is becoming difficult to keep track of all the different core participants for all the different task. For this reason, we set up a core participant registration site...we appreciate you taking a few minutes to register with this site as core participant.

Please click on "Register" at the top left of this page in order to access the registration form.

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