About Media Outreach Trainings for Young Researchers in the field of Climate and Energy​

In 2022, Climate Action Hub of TU Delft | The Hague and KlimaatHelpdesk have jointly hosted the first Media Training in The Hague. Together with more than 30 PhD’s and post-docs, we have discussed challenges of communicating the rapidly evolving insights of climate research to society. Participants have been intensively trained in how to generate public interest for their research and how to present themself in the media with confidence.


Climate Action Hub of TU Delft | The Hague and KlimaatHelpdesk will continue with the media outreach training for PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers in April 2024. The aim is to equip early career climate researchers with communication skills and tools to prepare for presence with media independently in their career future. The basic training focuses on a general introduction to science communication and media. This training is targeted towards early career researchers with no prior experience in science communication and media. 

The program will be published once it is confirmed.


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