Soft Landing Program LS&H - USA>NL

Soft Landing Program LS&H - USA>NL

The Soft Landing Program consists of three phases: (1) selection and preparation, (2) soft landing, (3) evaluation and learning.

  1. Selection & preparation
    In the first phase, interested companies will be assessed on their reasons for wanting to participate in the Soft Landing Program and on the impact they are expected to generate in the European market. The final decision-making process will involve all initiating partners: InnovationQuarter, CITRIS, and Medical Delta. A list of eligibility criteria can be found on the welcoming page of this website.
    Interested companies will also help devise specific aspects of the program, including identifying suitable partners and relevant contacts.

  2. Soft landing
    During the Soft Landing period from October 1st 2016 to March 31st 2017, selected companies can visit the Dutch Medical Delta region as often as they need. Free office space will be arranged, and there will be opportunities to develop contacts and participate in events.

    As each company has its own needs, parts of the program will be tailored towards validating the EU market fit for their specific products.

    Participating companies also have a responsibility to efficiently and effectively make use of the time that is provided to them. 

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  3. Evaluation and learning
    All participating companies will be asked to share their experiences and lessons learned with the organizing partners and other companies that might want to participate in the next cycle of the program.