Deelnemers Match Making Markt 2012

Technobis Fibre Technologies (NIMIT)


Technobis Fibre Technologies (TFT-FOS) is specialized in the development and supply of fibre optic sensing systems and applications, based on spectrometry and interferometry principles. Key products of TFT-FOS are the high speed Deminsys and the high resolution Lady Bug FBG interrogators.

Twente Medical Systems International BV (NeuroControl)

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Twente Medical Systems International BV (TMSi) is specialized in high quality recording and analysis of a large variety of (electro)physiological parameters. We use unique amplifier technology, especially suited for use in "hostile" measurement environments, such as very noisy surroundings, in demanding ambulatory applications with potential movement artifacts or in cases with
very poor electrode impedances. Our systems currently range from 2 to 272 channels.
The products are sold worldwide, either by us directly (to the research community) or through one of our OEM Partners. All our data acquisition systems are medical devices as defined by the Medical Device Directive (MDD) and are developed and
manufactured under a stringent Quality System (ISO 13485).



TNO is een onafhankelijke onderzoeksorganisatie die op basis van haar expertise en onderzoek een belangrijke bijdrage levert aan de concurrentiekracht van bedrijven en organisaties, aan de economie en aan de kwaliteit van de samenleving als geheel.

HemoLab BV (NIMIT)


HemoLab is an independant R&D company specialized in medical engineering, technology development and product evaluation with specific focus on research on and testing of medical devices, diagnostic technology, intervention strategies and therapies.

Bioness (Neurocontrol)


Bioness is an innovative provider of neuromodulation products that aid people in the recovery from chronic CNS disorders such as Stroke, MS and others. By fusing breakthroughs in technology with physical medicine and rehabilitation, committed to provide patients with new levels of physical independence and productivity.

Technolution (MDII)

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Technolution is gespecialiseerd in het ontwikkelen van innovatieve en kosteneffectieve technologie voor complexe problemen. Wij leveren turn-key oplossingen op basis van ‘fixed price, fixed time-afspraken’. Onze specialismen zijn multidisciplinair systeemontwerp en ontwikkeling van software, programmeerbare logica en elektronica.

Noppe Orthopedietechniek (NeuroControl)

Logo Noppe OIM 2011.jpg

Noppe is gespecialiseerd in het naar maat maken van protheses en ortheses, klinische orthopedische artikelen en medische bandages. We hebben samenwerkingsverbanden met ziekenhuizen, revalidatiecentra, mytyl- en tyltylscholen, en kinderdagverblijven voor meervoudig gehandicapten. Daarnaast participeren we met enige regelmaat bij onderzoeken in de medische wetenschap. Voorbeelden hiervan zijn ‘onderzoek naar de optimale evo, het innovatieve kniescharnier en een snelsluiting van een onderbeenspalk’.

Pie Medical Imaging B.V.(MDII en NIMIT)


Pie Medical Imaging B.V. (PMI) te Maastricht ontwikkelt state of the art software voor kwantitatieve analyse van cardiovasculair medische beelden. Met behulp van de PMI software kunnen medische specialisten wereldwijd op nauwkeurigere en reproduceerbare wijze metingen doen tijdens diagnostiek en behandeling. PMI streeft ernaar om een volledige oplossing te bieden ter ondersteuning van cardiovasculaire diagnostiek en behandeling.



Labolutions is een jonge organisatie gespecialiseerd in het inrichten van “green-design-laboratoria” met een breed Europese portfolio laboratorium commodity apparatuur. Duurzaamheid en optimale veiligheid vormt de basis van onze portfolio en middels een e-commerce-platvorm (in ontwikkeling) , heeft Labolutions zich als doel gesteld inkoopsynergie te kunnen bewerkstelligen binnen de Medical Delta.

Deam (NIMIT)


To apply DEAM's steering technology to minimally invasive instruments for use in both intervention and diagnosis.

Materialise - Mimics Innovation Suite


At Materialise, with our Mimics Innovation Suite, we're powering new innovations in biomedical research, and helping others make discoveries that save lives. We're also taking patient-specific healthcare to new heights by working closely with experts in the planning and execution of complicated surgical procedures.

Axil (NIMIT)


Axil provides start-up management to bring your medical technology to market. Our proven management skills include finance, development, clinical, patents, marketing, and sales. Based on a thorough analysis and in cooperation with scientists, we formulate the best business plan for a medical proposition. Subsequently, we execute the plan by lining up financing, establishing a team, developing a product that is relevant to the user, ensuring exclusivity, and ultimately selling the product.

Academic Medical Center (MDII en NIMIT)

Afdelinglogo AMC.jpg

De afdeling anesthesiologie van het AMC is een Europees “center of excellence” in perioperatieve zorg en veel translationele research activiteiten. De hoofdlijnen van ons research activiteiten zijn organprotectie, patiëntenveiligheid, regionale en pediatrische anesthesie.

Virtual Proteins BV

Virtual Proteins Logo.jpg

Private company, established in 2004; Main office in The Netherlands and a demo office in the US; Received many awards for innovation; Creation of new and innovative solutions for real time 3D visualization solutions for medical and pharma markets; Financed by private investors; first sales achieved in 2008; Ambition to become leading player; Currently looking for growth capital among private investors and VC’s to accelerate business

Promolding BV (Neurocontrol en NIMIT)


Promolding will design, develop, industrialise and transform your innovative idea into a successful product. We do not limit ourselves to existing methods but look at the boundaries of what is possible with polymers and how we can support your success.
Our business model often leads to new spin-offs, which conquer a new place in the market with a new product-market combination. Promolding has a key role in the realisation of the product.