Medical Delta Roadshow

Meet fellow researchers/clinicians/engineers/designers

10 October 2014 11:30 – 17:00 LUMC


A different perspective to the same challenge will broaden your mind. Multidisciplinary collaboration helps you to find unexpected solutions. A new technology might increase the level of innovation/novelty of your research and the impact of your research results. So why not discuss your ideas, novel technologies and problems with other researchers, engineers, designers or clinicians. This meeting is an excellent opportunity to meet other experts in medical technology, life sciences and health care from ErasmusMC, TUDelft, Leiden University and LUMC and develop new collaborations around the corner.


The Boerhaave Plein at LUMC will become a vibrant market and meeting place:
• With demonstrations by researchers of their technology for practical solutions;
• With space to put up posters;

• With pitch sessions see below where for example a clinician presents a daily problem he/she faces in patient care or a researcher presents a newly developed technology that could be used for a variety of clinical/research applications;
• Excursions to for example the mobility lab, Leiden Genome Technology Center, Instrumentation R&D unit, and imaging facilities ;
• And to join forces for upcoming calls

The demonstrations and poster space are accessible all afternoon. The pitch sessions and excursions are programmed according a time schedule. Lunch and afternoon drinks will be served.

Pitch Programme

The pitchsessions are programmed in 3 blocks. If you can only visit for an hour you can try to come at the time that the topics of your interest are most likely to be presented.



If you want to visit this event, give a demonstration (matchmaking), present a poster or give a 2- minute pitch, you can register here.

workshop registration
 workshop registration