Excursions offered

Movement lab

The Laboratory for Kinematics and Neuromechanics is part of the department of rehabilitation and orthopaedics. The lab is used for research on shoulder disease (Orthopedics) and neurological disorders (Rehabilitation). In the lab musculoskeletal modelling and control engineering techniques, developed in cooperation with the Delft Univ. Technology are clinically implemented and evaluated.  In a short tour you will get to meet some of the people working here. They will show you the examination of spatial shoulder movement by means of an electromagnetic tracking device, the applied measurement set-up to study shoulder muscle coordination and the robotics to discriminate neural and tissue related causes of movement disorders in patients with stroke and cerebral palsy.


Technical Development Department

The Technical Development Department is part of Instrumental Affairs. Instrumental Affairs is responsible for maintaining the quality of equipment and instruments in the LUMC. Tasks  of the department are:

  • to give advice on equipment before purchasing.
  • Support and management (such as registration, repair, safety checks)
  • (in house) development and modification of equipment and instruments
  • To offer advice in R&D projects

Do you want to tour in the tool shop of the Technical Development Department and meet some of the experts…?


Need DNA or RNA analysis?, the LGTC can do the job!


The Leiden Genome Technology Center, the DNA/RNA (genomics/transcriptomics) facility of the LUMC has access to all modern equipment to analyse DNA/RNA samples. Top of the list is “next-generation sequencing (NGS)” technology, THE method of analysis for the coming years. Possibilities range from standard Sanger sequencing to label-free and long-read single-molecule sequencing. We can sequence anything, from one fragment, to an RNA sample, to a complete bacterial or human genome. Our expertise includes data analysis using state-of-the-art bioinformatic approaches.

The LGTC makes things possible!  Do you have a problem?,  need an innovative analysis tool?,  ask our help.


Skillslab: Practice and test your skills


The Skillslab Division 1 is part of the department of surgery. It is a learning environment for clinicians and nurses to learn and practise skills amongst others.
Do you want to know what the skills lab is all about? Take a look and see it yourself. It ‘s an educational experience and fun. There are only 10 places every round, so be quick. Join the tour.
You will also get the opportunity to follow a crash course Basic Life Support (+AED) and  practice your laparoscopic skills. Competition included.

See you at the Skillslab.

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 workshop registration