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Application and regulations for Mini-windturbines

This is the theme of the Wind Energy Seminar on Thursday 17 April in the House of the Province of Gelderland in Arnhem will be held. This seminar is intended primarily for Netherlands governments officials, national, provincial, and municipal, to establish uniform rules for the application of small wind turbines. It involves turbines with a capacity up to 25 kW, a maximum mast height of 25 meters and a rotor area of up to 40 m2.

Because there is much resistance against placing large wind turbines with capacity of 5 MW and more, with a mast height of 120 meters and a rotor area of about a football field, the province of Gelderland did a research study on what contribution mini-wind turbines may bring to the energy transition in Gelderland. The conclusion of the report was that mini-wind turbines are currently of little economic use.

However, based on the energy efficiency of small turbines, the province of Gelderland find that mini-wind turbines a can make a contribution to the desired energy transition in her province. This is provided that the cost of the equipment is going to be drastically lowered and that; if possible, simple uniform rules come for the deployment of these turbines, particularly outside urban residential areas. Places to consider are industrial zone’s, agricultural land and possible locations along infrastructure, both road and water.

It is expected that much interest in this seminar will be, especially since this is the first time that this theme is put on the nationwide agenda. For consulting firms and organizations in the field of sustainability and energy, energy suppliers, min-turbine developers, turbine builders and suppliers of mini-wind turbines and their agents, this is a must to attend. Also a Mini-Wind Info-market will be held with small stands, where products and services can be offered.

Organizer of this seminar is Jaap H. Ketel, Director Brisk Events Leusden, in close cooperation with the Working Group Mini-Wind NWEA (Dutch Wind Energy Association) and the Project Team of the Province Gelderland.

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