Meeting for selection Money Meets Ideas

Meeting for selection Money Meets Ideas

March 21: Money meets Idea @ YES!Delft:
Rabobank and KplusV organize annual meetings under the name Money Meets Ideas. At this meetings start-ups and fast-growing innovative young companies with capital need between EUR 100,000 - 1.5 million will be able to present themselves to approximately 15-20 wealthy private investors from Rabobank Private Banking.  It is often not easy to find a suitable informal investor. With Money Meets Ideas you can easily connect with informal investors who have capital but also have knowledge, expertise and network. More information here.

How does it work?

You sign up for the pre-selection on Friday March 11 KplusV will discuss your investor readiness and select 5 YES!Delft companies for the finals on March 21 at YES!Delft.

Please note: companies who are selected to present at Money Meets Ideas and it comes to a deal the companies pay 2% success fee on the invested capital.