Next Economy needs Next Entrepreneur - Call for ideas for the Next Economy

Pitch your NEXT Economy idea to the director of the Floriade 2022, the director of the World Expo 2025, the vice-mayor of Westland and a serial entrepreneur, at the Next Economy Access Point.

Our economy is in transition. Robots are taking over manufacturing processes, transportation is being automated and 3D printers are making it possible to produce your own goods. The technological developments are creating a new industrial revolution and the structural changes will lead to changes in the existing economic sectors, creating a ‘NEXT Economy’. The NEXT Economy is in need of productivity of data, energy, mobility and resources. How would you turn these opportunities into NEXT businesses?


Pitch your idea to the NEXT level!

‘NEXT Economy needs NEXT Entrepreneur’ is in search of entrepreneurial activities, which will use the emerging new technology platform and eventually will add economic value, create new business and create new jobs.
We are searching for the NEXT entrepreneur working on a business idea, about to launch a start-up or in search of their first launching customer. Do you have a solution or a gain creator  to contribute to the Next Economy that will benefit the Metropolitan Region Rotterdam The Hague? The MRDH Roadmap Next economy and YES!Delft  would like to hear your idea and support your entrepreneurial efforts by offering ACCESS to launching customers. Also, the best pitches and ideas will be rewarded.

Submit your idea and get the chance to pitch your idea during the Next Economy Access Point on the 7th of July to an acknowledged jury:

  • Jannewietske de Vries (director Floriade 2022)
  • Leendert Bikker (executive director World Expo Rotterdam 2025)
  • Theo Duijvestijn (board member Roadmap Next Economy MRDH and Vice-major Westland)
  • Laurens Groen (director Milgro)
  • Duke Urbanik (entrepreneur in residence YES!Delft)
  • Herman Kienhuis (managing director KPN Ventures)

Prizes include:

  • a networking lunch with Jannewietske de Vries (Floriade 2022),  Leendert Bikker (World Expo 2025) and  Jan Kees de Jager (CFO KPN), Duke Urbanik (entrepreneur in residence YES!Delft). All directors are looking for serious business partners and innovative start-up ideas.

  • a reward of € 3000,-

  • a subscription of 4 months at RDM Makerspace, where you can create a prototype of your idea.

  • a notion within the investment strategy of the Roadmap Next Economy

Enroll now!
Enrolling is easy. Submit your idea. The top 14 ideas will be invited to submit their pitch and are offered a Coach session and Pitch Workshop on the 21st of June. During this workshop you will receive counsel and coaching on how to pitch perfectly. Additionally, a visual of your idea will be made. The best 7 pitches will present their ideas during the Next Economy Access Point, where they will pitch in front of the jury and regional directors.

Apply before the 5th  of June, 11.59 PM! Questions? Feel free to contact us. 



  • Apply before the 5th of June
  • Searching for ideas that contriute to the productiveness of data, energy, mobility and resources
  • Prices include a € 3000,- reward, a prototype price, one-toone networklunch with jury members and access to a large network of potential launching customers
  • Selection day is 21 June
  • Next Economy Access Point is 7 July
  • There are no costs attached
  • The event will be in English, so please submit your idea in English as well.
  • We are looking for the next entrepreneur: wantrepreneur and early stage start-ups (no launching customer yet).
  • Initiative by: Metropolitan Start-up Lab (a collaboration by Metropoolregio Rotterdam Den Haag en YES!Delft)
event registration made easy
 event registration made easy