To enrich the ideas and support you in finding the business model, we offer different activitities:

  • 21 April: Ideation in Rotterdam during NL Innoveert
    • focus: Bionica and biomimicry
  • 28 April: Inspiration @ Venture Cafe Rotterdam
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  • 12 May: Coaching @ Venture Cafe Rotterdam
  • 19 May: Discovery Day in Rotterdam @ RDM
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  • 26 May: Ideation in The Hague
    • focus: Circular economy during Impact Startup Fest
      This event is organized in collaboration with Impact City during the Impact Startup Fest festival
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  • June: Ideation in Dordrecht
    • focus: Dare 2 Cross - innovation through collaboration. This event will be in Dutch.
      Discover cross sector opportunities: how to translate added value from one sector to another? Find new business opportunities.
      This event is organized in collaboration with Innovation Quarter
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  • Continously: Coaching
  • 14 July: Discovery Day in Delft @ YES!Delft
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What is an Inspiration?
Wonder where inspiration for new business comes from? Walking around with an idea? Seeing opportunities all around you and problems to solve?

Start-ups have an important role in creating innovation, employment and a strong economy in this region. During the inspiration session you are shown why entrepreneurs started their business, which options you have to grow your idea into business within this region, how some start-ups benefitted from an incubator and we will give same hands- on pitch experience!


What is an Ideation?
A dynamic workshops, in which you identify ideas and solutions for the NEXT Economy challenges: digital gateway, smart energy delta and circular economy. A case example will be given and you will be triggered to create in 4 structures rounds a new proposition - generate new product/ solution fits. Additionally, you are able to network and co-create. You can develop an new idea or you can find a co-founder to accelerate your existing idea towards a start-up. Join to feel the true entrepreneurial vibe of inspiration and realizing ideas! Feel the power of idea generation!


What is a Discovery Day?

Discovery Day is a one-day crash course to transform your tech idea into a potential business idea and to learn the basics of entrepreneurship. It is both possible to join with and without an idea, because you will form teams during the workshop. This provides the opportunity to network and/or to find potential co-founders for your startup.

The goal of Discovery Day is to make the first connection between a technology, its application and your potential customer. We will provide you with the tools to take the first steps to tech entrepreneurship. Main objectives are to:

  • Find applications for your technology and model your value proposition
  • Get more insight in your potential customers and market and work towards a valuable problem/solution  fit.
  • Get to different potential revenue models in your business model

But also to:

  • Get a flavour of entrepreneurship
  • Meet new entrepreneurial people
  • Prepare for the selection of an accelerator programma
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