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On Thursday January 24, 2019 DIAM welcomes two leading researchers in Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics to discuss together the mathematical formulations and intricacies of this simulation technique. We invite you to attend this event. For the schedule and location see the event page below.

The speakers and talks

Dr Andrea Colagrossi and Dr Matteo Antuono of CNR-INM in Rome (the Institute for Marine Technology of the National Research Council) have been contributing fundamental insights to the development of SPH simulations for the last twenty years. In Delft they are going to talk on 'How to derive the Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics equations in a Lagrangian mechanics framework' and on 'Stability, accuracy and time-integration issues in SPH schemes'. The talks abstracts and speakers bios are already available on the event web page at


Why SPH at DIAM?

At this moment DIAM is involved in SPH research with postdoc projects (GPU acceleration and numerical optimization of open-source SPH codes, Giordano Lipari) and Ph.D. projects (Towards GPU-accelerated CFD methods for modelling multi-phase flows, Ralf Euser; Multi-scale fluid flow in dynamically fractured porous reservoir, Alex Lukyanov).

Moreover, SPH is affine to material-point methods, also a research focus of our department. We are naturally eager to explore any potential for collaborations and synergies with other scholars in the Netherlands.

The Registration is free.

Please use the menu above for the various options and register before January 18, 2019.

We look forward to having you there.

Kindly, Giordano Lipari and Kees Vuik


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