Our address is:
Delft University of Technology 
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Science
Van Mourik Broekmanweg 6
2628 XE Delft
The Netherlands

This link places us on Google Map. It is 2.5 km from the railway station of Delft (30' walk, 15' with bus), and a couple of kilometers from the exit 10 Delft Zuid of the A13 motorway. The building is number 28 in the campus map (pdf file).

The talks takes place in the Colloquiumzaal (0.E420), ground floor.

Flying to the Netherlands
The nearest international airports are:

  • Schiphol International (AMS); the Delft train station is reachable directly by train in 40 min with departures nearly every 15 min (midday midweek).
  • Eindhoven (EIN); the Delft train station is reachable by bus and train in 1h45 with departures nearly every 30 min (midday midweek)
  • Rotterdam (RTM); the Delft train station is reachable by bus and train in 45 min, with departures nearly every 15 min (midday midweek). Using Uber can also make sense for this airport.

How to plan your journey with public transport
Public transport includes trains, buses and trams. The Dutch travel planner 9292 will give you schedules and pricing in English.

How to pay your public-transport fare
If you are in the Netherlands for this two-day course only, we suggest that you purchase loose tickets as you go.

The alternative would be to buy a pre-paid card (OV chipkaart) usable on all public transport in the country. However, the card costs €7.50 from the outset. Then, it requires you getting familiar with a little accounting rituals for having enough balance in it. Finally, it brings visible discounts on trams and buses and only off peak hours (9-16, 18:30-9) on trains. If this solution still appeals to you, refer to the information from the public-transport card’s distributor. Here we give you some tips on loose tickets.

Note that in the Netherlands credit cards are not commonly used in arm’s-length transactions.

How to arrive at Delft with the train
Note that Delft has two stations: Delft (of your interest) and Delft Zuid (not). Delft is between the major stations of The Hague (Den Haag), Schiphol (airport) and Amsterdam in the north, and Rotterdam in the south. In the map of the railway network (pdf file), you find Delft on square B5.

Amsterdam, Schiphol and Rotterdam are served by the high-speed trains Thalys (Paris-bound), Eurostar (London-bound), and Intercity Direct (ICD); these trains require a supplement and do not stop in Delft. You will find it natural to change in Rotterdam Central if you enter the country from Belgium, and in Amsterdam from Germany.

In the Netherlands, you cannot buy train tickets on board. Vending machines are recognizable from their distinctive gold and blue livery, and have menus in English. You can buy loose tickets with cash and debit cards. In major hubs only, including Schiphol, you can also pay with credit cards, and service shops can assist you. Fares are the same for intercities (IC) and local trains ('sprinters', SPR). Off-peak discounts are not available for loose tickets. As an example, at the time of writing, a single Schiphol-Delft costs €11.

Note that your train tickets will be chip-laden paper cards. In all stations, whether at the entrance or at the platform approaches, you must check in and out of your journey. You do so by holding these tickets against reading devices. These devices are mounted on stand-alone poles or built in in the access gates (you can’ t walk in freely in all stations). They beep once at check-in and twice at check-out: you will see everybody using them! Failure to check in may attract a fine or a rebuke at the point of control. Checking out may be needed to get of out the station, simply enough. Please keep these tickets with you.

How to arrive at the campus with the bus
The bus route from the train station to the university campus takes 8 minutes. There are four lines (40, 55, 69, 174) serving the campus area at different frequencies within the day. Bus stops in the neighbourhood are called 'TU Aula' (optimal), 'TU Mekelpark' (ideal), and 'TU Sport & Cultuur' (last stop inside the campus); ask the driver and check the nearest bus stop on the on-board displays. Refer to the campus map (pdf file) for the remaining walking distance (note you can walk across building 23).

You can buy tickets on board. In some carriers you can pay cash only, in others with debit (all) or credit (some) cards only. These tickets are just paper-based and the driver will stamp them off for you. A single between the station and the university costs a flat fare of €2.35 at the time of writing.

Finding accommodation
The course cannot provide accommodation arrangements unfortunately. We suggest to search for B&B and hotels through popular global platforms and local ones (no endorsement implied). We recommend to consider well the ease of commuting when booking accommodation outside the city centre; check this out with the travel planner suggested above.

What will be the weather like?
Dutch weather is changeable but the flatness of the land makes weather forecasts within a few days and rain radars generally reliable: see, for example, this one for your preparations.

event registration made easy
 event registration made easy