Netherlands Bioinformatics Conference 2014

Netherlands Bioinformatics Conference 2014

Abstract submission

Abstract submission deadline for oral presentations: March 2, 2014 (extended!)
Notification date: March 16, 2014
Abstract submission deadline for posters and demos: April 4, 2014

Abstract preparation

Please prepare a 1-page abstract in PDF. The format should be A4 paper, use Times Roman (10pt) and contain two columns separated by 0.5 cm whitespace with margins of 2 cm. Please specify a title, the authors and their affiliations and e-mail addresses. Use section headings “Introduction”, “Materials & Methods”, “Results” and “Discussion”. A page number should be omitted. If possible, please use the Word or LaTeX template provided. An example abstract can be found here.

You can submit your abstract via the EasyChair abstract submission system. If you do not already have an account, you will be prompted to create one the first time you visit EasyChair. When submitting, please also provide the abstract in the “Abstract” text box and upload the PDF as the paper.

NB: As off March 2 you can only submit abstracts for posters and demo's! The submission for oral presentations is closed.

Submission categories

Under “Category”, you can select to submit an abstract for the:
• NBIC2014 main conference - April 8 & 9th
• Biomolecular modeling topical track (NSBM spring meeting) - April 8th
• Metagenomics topical track (ALLBIO metagenomics meeting)- April 9th

During submission of abstracts for the NBIC2014 main conference you can indicate if you would like to present your abstract as a poster or a demo at the Poster session and Application showcase that is planned on April 8th during the conference dinner. You are invited to present a poster if the abstract is not accepted for oral presentation, but you can also choose for oral or poster presentation only. The number of demo's that can be presented is limited; if the number of submitted demo's is too high, a review committee will make a selection.

Abstracts will be reviewed by the NBIC2014 Programme committee or one of the topical track committees. You will receive a notification by e-mail.

Find more information about the Poster session and the Application showcase here.

Special consideration

When submitting an abstract for an oral presentation, you can choose to have your submission considered for the Junior presenter award. Only those currently performing a PhD or having received a PhD less than two years before the start of the conference are eligible for this award. Please check the corresponding box under “Group” if you are eligible and would like to compete.

For NBIC Faculty members, it is possible to submit an abstract as PI contribution. Based on these submissions, PIs will be considered for introducing and chairing an NBIC2014 thematic session. Please check the corresponding box under “Group” if your submission qualifies.


Your abstract for the NBIC2014 general conference programme may cover any bioinformatics related subject. Below you can find a list of possible topics. Based on the abstract submissions, the NBIC2014 programme will be filled with several thematic sessions and abstracts will be distributed over these sessions.

  • Infrastructure, data & technology
  • Next Generation Sequencing
  • Modelling
  • Statistics
  • Regulation
  • Geno/Phenotype
  • Networks
  • Systems Biology
  • Imaging
  • Other: .....

Possible topics for abstract submissions for the ALLBIO metagenomics meeting and NSBM spring meeting can be found on the related webpages.

If you have any questions about or problems with the abstract submission, please contact: Femke Francissen

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