Netherlands Bioinformatics Conference 2014

Netherlands Bioinformatics Conference 2014

Sponsorship opportunities

All sponsors benefit from logo visibility:

  • Company logo1 with hyperlink to company’s website on conference’s website
  • Company logo1 on the sponsor slide in plenary sessions
  • Company logo1 on the welcome’s poster in the central hall of the conference venue
  • Company logo1 on the sponsors overview page in conference book

In addition, we offer per sponsor package the following benefits:

Bronze package

  • Company flyer (1 A4)1 at registration and information desk

Bronze package 500 Euro (max 5)2

Silver package

  • 1 invitation for company representatives to attend the full conference (including lunches and refreshments, dinner not included)
  • Poster presentation (A0 poster)1 in central hall.

Silver package 2.000 Euro (max 8)2

Gold sponsor package

-2 invitations for company representatives to attend the full conference (including lunches, - refreshments and dinner)
- Exhibition space (3x2 meter) in central hall.
- 20 minutes company presentation in the conference lecture programme

Gold Package 10.000 Euro (max 1)2

Custom made packages

In addition to the standard Sponsor packages mentioned above, we also offer the opportunity to create custom made packages. You can contact Femke Francissen (see below) about the possibillities.

Sponsor contact : Femke Francissen

1Foot note

  • Please provide your company logo in high resolution (300 dpi) jpg-file.
  • The sponsor is responsible for the development and costs of all PR-material (flyers, posters).
  • Italic marked packages are no longer available.

2Foot note: All sponsor fees are exclusive of VAT

event registration
 event registration