Systems Biology session @NBIC2014

As the Bioinformatics and Sytems Biology communities of the Netherlands have joined forces in the new Bioinformatics and Systems Biology research school (BioSB), there will be a special parallel Systems Biology session at the NBIC conference.

The session will take place on the first day of the conference, 8 April 2014, to coincide with the keynote lecture of Dr Ilya Shmulevich from the Institute of Systems Biology in Seattle Washington.

Session C: Systems biology: Networks: 11:30 - 12:30

  • Julian de Ruiter, TU Delft
    Mining the forest: uncovering biological mechanisms by interpreting Random Forests

  • Lennart Backus, Radboudumc
    RFScout: Correlating and visualizing data using Decision Models

  • Marc Hulsman, TU Delft
    Graph-topological scale-spaces reveal functional information in physical protein interaction networks

  • PI talk: Michel Westenberg, TU Eindhoven
    Integrative Network Analysis with Heinz and eXamine

Session G: Systems biology: Modeling: 14:45 - 15:45

  • Alexey Gritsenko, TU Delft
    TASEP as a data-driven model of translation

  • Maria Suarez Diez, Wageningen UR
    Adaptations of Mycobacterium tuberculosis to the switch from hypoxia to normoxia; Integration of heterogeneous molecular networks and modelling approaches

  • Jan Bert van Kllinken, Leiden University Medical Center
    A systems biology approach for enriching genetic association studies of metabolite profiles with pathway knowledge

  • PI talk: Johannes van Beek, VU University
    What is BiGGR in human brain metabolism: models or data?

Keynote lecture: 16:45 -17:30
Ilya Shmulevich, Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle, USA
Integrative Analysis and Interactive Exploration of Data from The Cancer Genome Atlas

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