Birds of a Feather

This year we are organising Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions on April 9 in the afternoon (13:00 - 14:15h).

The aim of a BoF session is to discuss a topic of your choice in an informal setting. The BOF topics will be announced via the conference website so participants will be able to join the session that interests them most.

If you would like to submit a topic for a BoF session, please send us an e-mail!

Planned BoF sessions:

Walk through the woods (in front of the conference centre)

Assembly and analysis of complex genomes (under the vide - main hall)
Dick de Ridder & Gabino Sanchez (WUR)
The assembly and analysis of relatively small genomes, such as those of bacteria and fungi, are becoming manageable problems. Long-read sequencing technologies for example make it possible to reconstruct high-quality reference genomes, and many analysis algorithms are perfectly capable of handling data from such genomes. For more complex eukaryotic genomes however, exhibiting polyploidy, high heterozygosity or high repeat content, assembly remains a challenge, as most current algorithms are still ill equipped to deal with these. Also downstream analyses, targeting genome organization, evolution, and function, are hampered by the size and complexity of these genomes. We would like to have an open discussion with people interested in this field of research on problems we all encounter, possible solutions, and future directions.

Join the network of young bioinformaticians! (in restaurant)
Regional Student Group Netherlands
What can RSG Netherlands do for you? The Regional Student Group (RSG) Netherlands is a network of young bioinformaticians in the Netherlands. RSG is a part of the student group of the International Society for Computational Biology (ISCBSC), and collaborates with the BioSB PhD school and ISCB. If you would like to learn more about the RSG activities, how to join or even how to become a board member then please join the RSG BOF meeting at the NBIC conference!

Metagenomics Virus Discovery session (in bar)
Jing Wang (invited speaker) & Bas Dutilh
Viruses are the most abundant and genetically diverse biological entities on earth, but they are also the least characterized domain of life. Advances in metagenomics and bioinformatics promise to revolutionize virus discovery, including the identification of new pathogens, as well as potential cures for bacterial infectious diseases (e.g., phage therapy). Join this BoF to share your experiences and discuss current bioinformatic challenges in virus discovery.

the interface between bioinformatics and systems biology (room Europa)
Jan-Bert van Klinken en Peter Bram 't Hoen
Bioinformatics and Systems Biology are traditionally seen as distinct areas of research: Bioinformatics is mainly concerned with the computational aspects of analysing large biological datasets, whereas Systems Biology focuses on how these data can be used to create mathematical models of biological systems. More recently there has been a growing tendency to combine Bioinformatic and Systems Biology approaches to analyse high-throughput/omics datasets and to integrate them with biological knowledgebases and in silico models. Our aim is to spark an interdisciplinary discussion in the BoF session between bioinformaticians and system biologists on what techniques they use for omics data analysis and on the advantages (and challenges) of merging the expertise from both fields.

Other/Special Sessions:

BIUP Meeting (room Azië)
the Bioinformatics Industrial User Platform
This session, organised by the Bioinformatics Industrial Users Platform (BIUP) has a focus on bioinformaticians working in the industry. The discussion will focus on the impact of state of the art sequencing technologies on further research. If the generation of good quality reference genomes will be commodity, what will be the next challenge? How will technology change the way we perform research? Presentations will be given by Miaomiao Zhou and Yahya Anvar and the meeting will be wrapped up with a short presentation by Ruben Kok, director DTL. Read more

ELIXIR-NL meeting (room Amerika)
Dutch Techcentre for life Sciences (DTL)
The Dutch participation in ELIXIR is now official and the activities of the 'Dutch Node' in ELIXIR will be established in the framework of DTL, the Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences (DTL). This interactive session will provide information on ELIXIR-NL, how it relates to other international projects and how initiatives such as what was previously coined 'DISC' now become actively embedded in the DTL Data programme. It will also give you the opportunity to express your interest to join ELIXIR-NL and the broader DTL Data activities where it comes to jointly designing international-grade data support. Read more

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