Happy 2015 at YES!Delft

Happy 2015 at YES!Delft

Come celebrate 2015 with startup Lessons by Senz°

It’s almost a happy new year! 2015 is the year in which YES!Delft turns 10, and we have loads of things to celebrate. Therefore we would like to invite you for drinks on January 22, to usher the coming year and to listen to the Startup Story of Phlip Hess of YES!Delft company Senz°.

We hope all entrepreneurs, coaches, employees and close network of YES!Delft will come together to raise their glasses, look back and foremost look forward to a bright entrepreneurial future. Off to another decade of YES!Delft!

Startup Stories
Since YES!Delft was founded in 2005, 140 companies were accelerated in reaching the market and helped to become more successful. After almost a decade, it’s time to share some of our unique Startup Stories. To learn from each other and to inspire. 

Philip Hess of senz° will join us to tell his entrepreneurial story
Senz° has turned the traditional umbrella industry upside down with its new archetype umbrella, that solves all umbrella frustrations, such as going inside out, breaking, and eye-poking. By focusing on product development, marketing and sales, senz° aims to become the world’s best-known and best-loved commuter lifestyle brand. Senz° is currently active in 60 countries in the world. Founders Philip, Gerwin and Gerard received funding from informal investors to grow worldwide.

Date: 22 January 2015
Time: 15.30 – 19.00



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