Groningen, July 2013

Dear Colleagues,

Rapid developments in cardiovascular medicine ask for a remote medical platform on which medical doctors can orient themselves on the full scope of the many aspects of cardiovascular care. The annual Netherlands Heart Days (NHD) have proved to be such a platform, where in an optimal interdisciplinary format the formerly mainly diagnostic speciality of radiology is intertwined with the formerly mainly clinically oriented specialities such as (paediatric) cardiology and cardiovascular surgery. Technical and research achievements are implemented in very short time intervals, whereas new software upgrades and complete new analytic software tools for cardiac applications become available each three months. The Netherlands Heart Days meet a need to update busy clinicians on these fast developments.

The Netherlands Heart Days are facing their 8th meeting in which on the first two days mainly new radiological techniques and insights in e.g. pre- and post myocardial infarction imaging, cardiac myopathy and evidenced based cardiac imaging will be addressed. On the last day, gender topics in cardiac diagnosis and treatment and the interaction between radiologists and cardiologists will be addressed as well as new cardiac developments in the Caribbean.

From many other perspectives the organizers decided eight years ago to start an annual course in Curacao. It has proved its worth in the last years as evidenced by both the returning number of participants of the previous years as well as the increment of new ones, both from Europe as well as from the entire Caribbean area and South America.

We hope to welcome you in Curacao in January 2014!
Prof. Dr. M. Oudkerk
Prof. Dr. J.E. Wildberger

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