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  • Magnus Agerström, CEO Cleantech Scandinavia
    Cleantech Scandinavia provides Nordic/Baltic Cleantech business intelligence, events, investor-relations, partner-building and is the mastermind behind the GTV accelerator and its international startup exchange and cleantech market diffusion activities
  • Eva Blom, Commercial Attaché Dutch Embassy in Stockholm. The Commercial Team at the Dutch Embassy in Stockholm supports Dutch companies in entering the Swedish Market.
  • Lars Bierlein (Project Manager, Innovation E.ON) and Sofia Akhlaghi (Solution Designer E.ON) – Ectogrid. Ectogrid uses advanced heatpump systems for energy efficiency gains - connecting buildings with different needs and balancing the energy between them, ectogrid™ effectively uses all available energy flows and makes it possible to decrease both pollution and the energy consumption in a city. 
  • Health Tech Nordic. HealthTech Nordic represents a fast-growing community of 250+ high potential Nordic startups, offering a variety of empowering solutions within healthtech.
  • Hijman van Praag, Head of Business Development Nordics and Baltics, Dutch Embassy Network. The business development department matches business cases and projects in the Nordics and Baltics with the expertise of Dutch entrepreneurs and knowledge institutes.
  • Peter Kisch, Manager Future at Future by Lund Future by Lund innovation community involving some 80 partners focused on Smart & Sustainable City developments in the city of Lund. Peter has several years of working experience related to innovation and technology development in cleantech and sustainable solutions in industry, academia, consultancy and lately in the public sector.
  • Gezim Kiseri, Business Development Manager | Materials Science at Invest in Skåne. Invest in Skåne is the official regional business promotion agency for Southern Sweden reciprocally connecting int´l business and business in Skåne.
  • Martijn Zewald, Director Global Partnerships at Abax. Our services help customers stay updated, be more effective and save costs by providing world class Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. ABAX is the fastest growing telematics company in Europe (Berg Insight, 15th September 2016) focusing on delivering IoT solutions that maximises value. Abax has offices in both the Nordic and the Netherlands.
  • Micael Gyorei, Senior Investment Advisor, Invest in SkaneMicael has been combining studies in science, Microbiology, Biochemistry and Structural Biology as well as in economics. In his role at Invest in Skåne, as being the official investment promotion agency of the region, he supports foreign companies’ establishment in the vibrant Medicon Valley region in Greater Copenhagen area. He is also promoting the regions’ strong holds in the life science sector at the international arena by participating in conferences and delegation activities. Micael is also holding a EU Interreg project in the area of Microbiome for Greater Copenhagen running until 2022 as well as supporting Health Tech Nordic project in internationalisation.
  • Joe Hamari, Co-founder Smartvatten. Smartvatten allows for the monitoring of leakages from a distance toMet de monitoring op afstand van Smartvatten kunnen vastgoedeigenaren lekkages ontdekken voordat het te laat is en zo geld besparen.
  • The Quantum Guys – Merging future technologies into smart DC power supply solutions. We aim to develop local DC microgrids that integrate different renewable energy sources to connect them directly to consumers such as fast charging stations. 



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