Why the US East Coast?


The US has tremendous opportunities for offshore wind. As the image below shows, both coasts are blessed with the high wind speeds needed for offshore wind generation. On the West Coast, however, sea beds are very deep and rocky, which makes it not suitable for current offshore wind technologies. This is the reason that especially the Northeastern states are promoting offshore wind development. Multiple projects are scheduled to be realized in the US over the next couple years, and the total gross offshore wind resource potential is now estimated to be more than 4,000 GW.



During this mission we will visit two leading offshore wind states: District of Columbia (DC) and Massachusetts. In Washington DC, key industry players and market leaders will gather at the AWEA Offshore WINDPOWER Conference. The mix of public officials, contractors, and private sector representatives provide participants to this mission with the right possible connections for one’s interest in doing business in the US.


We will then further our journey to Massachusetts, where much of the offshore wind market is concentrated. Massachusetts has uniquely progressive energy policies and a high concentration of R&D facilities to realize innovations. Especially in the Greater Boston Area are public organization such as Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC), and facilities like the Massachusetts Wind Technology Testing Center and the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal facilitating a shift in the cleantech industry. Next to this, do universities such as MIT, Harvard, Umass, and Tufst University add talent and product development to this ‘equation of offshore success’. To finish it off, off the coast of Massachusetts blows a very strong and reliable wind. Regarded the ‘Saudi Arabia of Wind’, Massachusetts (and Boston in particular) is and will in the future be even more of an interesting place for foreign businesses with the ambition to scale-up internationally towards North-America.

For more detailed information about the offshore wind market in Massachusetts, please consult this market study from RVO.

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