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All of our workshops/lectures will be offered through Zoom. When you sign up, you receive a confirmation e-mail. You get the Zoom link and password in a reminder e-mail 1 hour before the start of the workshop.

Make sure to check your spam folder if you don't get the confirmation e-mail.

Tuesday 4/8 10h - 11h15 Lecture Job applications in the digital era More info Register
Thursday 6/8 14h - 16h15 Workshop Job interview More info Register
Thursday 13/8 10h - 11h15 Workshop Master your worries  More info Register
Monday 17/8 14h - 15h15 Workshop Find & keep your energy sources More info Register
Tuesday 18/8 10h - 11h15 Workshop Stress management More info Register
Thursday 20/8 11h - 12h15 Workshop Know and show your qualities More info Register
Tuesday 25/8 15h - 16h15 Workshop Time management More info Register
Wednesday 26/8 10h - 11h15 Workshop CV & Letter of application More info Register
Thursday 27/8 19h30-20h45 Lecture Getting the most out of LinkedIn More info Register
Friday 28/8 10h - 11h15 Workshop Fear of Failure More info Register
Monday 31/8 14h - 15h15 Workshop Vacancy search More info Register

Workshop descriptions:

Workshop Time management

  • How do I prevent a continuous lack of time and that feeling of anxiety?
  • How do I keep an overview of what I have to do for my study?
  • What can I do to better organize my work?
  • How do I prevent procrastination?
  • How do I keep my concentration and not let myself be distracted?

Do you recognize these questions? Then choose this workshop and improve your time management skills!

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Reflect on what you spend your time on and review your working methods.
  • Make an effective and sustainable schedule by applying tips and tools.
  • Develop a strategy to work more efficiently and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

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Workshop Meditation - by Aimée Coenen

How to remain calm while the world around you is changing day by day? Discover the benefits of mindfulness in these chaotic times. Connect to your inner self and feel closer to others, even when you are asked to socially distance yourself. Every session will focus on a different topic and is offered by Aimée Coenen. During the session, make sure to be in a comfortable location where you don't get disturbed.

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Workshop Master your worries

We all worry sometimes – that is what makes us human. But if it is starting to take over your life, this course may be for you.This 1 hour workshop gives you insight into your worrying behaviour and your brain. Through science-based techniques, such as attention training and relaxation exercises, you learn to recognise the thought patterns that lead to worrying and to address them more quickly. How to remain calm while the world around you is changing day by day? Discover the benefits of mindfulness in these chaotic times. Connect to your inner self and feel closer to others, even when you are asked to socially distance yourself. Every session will focus on a different topic. Make sure to be in a comfortable location where you don't get disturbed.

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Workshop CV & Letter of Application

  • How do I increase my chance of receiving an invitation for a job interview?
  • What do I put in the cover letter and what should my CV look like?
  • Can I use the same CV for all vacancies?
  • What about side jobs, do I only mention them if they are relevant to the job?

Do you recognize these questions or do you have more questions? Then this workshop is perfect for you!

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:​

  • Distinguish the relevant steps in a recruitment and selection process.
  • Evaluate your match with a vacancy and identify your unique selling points.
  • Identify the needs and demands of the employer with regard to the application documents
  • Produce a clearly structured and accessible CV, and write a compelling and convincing letter of application, according to guidelines and requirements.

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Workshop Art of Imperfection

While some students wear it like a badge of honor, perfectionism can be a burden for many of you. It sneaks its way into all realms of life: work, creativity, health, relationships… Nobody likes making mistakes. But it's a completely different story if you want to do it all so perfectly, that you don't allow yourself any mistakes.So where does perfectionism actually stem from? More than anything, perfectionism can go so far that your self-esteem reaches rock-bottom. In this one hour workshop, you’ll gain a greater awareness of perfectionistic habits and recognize where these help or hinder you. By creating an awareness of your habits and motivations, you can pave the way to find a better balance in life. 

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Workshop Reconnecting with our senses - by Christian Schiffer

A workshop to reconnect to the nature within ourselves. We will explore
different ways of how to get back to nature during the times of #stayhome and #covid_19.

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Workshop Fear of Failure

Do you often feel tense or do you get extremely nervous about exams or presentations, maybe you are experiencing some fear of failure. So where is fear of failure coming from and how can you best tackle this problem? This one hour workshop gives you insight in your fear of failure in all its forms. Through science based tips and tricks it may help you on your way to overcome your fear of failure.  

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Workshop Stop Procrastinating

Has it ever happened to you that you can’t force yourself to start an important activity? Can’t you resist temptations that draw you away from work? How often are you doing things at the last minute?If you ever had trouble persuading yourself to do the things you should do or would like to do, you have experienced procrastination. During this one hour hands-on workshop we will provide you with tools that will allow you to train your willpower and to do things more efficient. It will help you to start reducing the amount of prorastination.

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Lecture Job application in the digital era

  • How do I prepare for my job interview via Skype or phone?
  • How can I make a convincing job application video?
  • Do I need to worry about my digital footprint?

Internet, social media and other technological developments have significantly changed the field of recruitment and the entire job application process. Many things actually change faster than our awareness of it. Through this interactive lecture you will learn about new possibilities and risks. You immediately get started with various tips and tools.

At the end of this lecture, you will be able to:​

  • Recognize some of the latest developments in recruitment & job applications.
  • Identify the main steps to produce a compelling short job application video, and to analyze job application videos and their pros and cons. 
  • Prepare for a job interview via Phone, Skype or FaceTime.
  • Assess and discuss your digital footprint.

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Workshop Know and show your qualities

When you want to enter the labor market, knowledge about yourself and your qualities is paramount. What are you good at and how do you communicate this, eg in a job interview? In this online workshop we will dive into these topics, with some theory and much room to practice.

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Lecture Getting the most out of LinkedIn

  • How do I extend my network through LinkedIn?
  • How do I search for suitable jobs on LinkedIn?
  • Which picture do I choose for my profile on LinkedIn?
  • Which privacy settings should I mostly be aware of?

Is everyone always talking about LinkedIn and the importance of it? That you miss out on many vacancies and invaluable network opportunities if you do not have an account on LinkedIn? Maybe you would like to make a start with it but there is something holding you back.
This lecture helps you on track to get using LinkedIn your way!

At the end of this lecture, you will be able to:​

  • Discuss the pros and cons of using LinkedIn.
  • Connect to other LinkedIn members and strengthen your professional network.
  • Identify and find relevant discussion groups on LinkedIn
  • Write a compelling and convincing summary section. 

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Workshop Healthy cohabiting in quarantine

Are you struggling with yourself and others during this quarantine? Do you sometimes find it difficult to exist within the same four walls every single day? Are you missing the freedom of spatial mobility that you always took for granted? Is the quarantine revealing certain issues within yourself and your relationships with others that you do not exactly know how to deal with? 

Let’s discuss! 

It is not easy at all to share the same space with the same people for a long period of time, without pause. It requires a lot of communication, openness, patience and understanding for the co-existence to remain not only bearable, but rather enjoyable. 

My experience in community based living and my strong interest in non-violent communication have provided me with a wide range of tools and knowledge regarding co-existence with oneself and others. For this reason, I am hosting a workshop in which I share my experiences with all of those who are interested. Moreover, I will provide with a number of tips, pieces of advice and exercises in order to foster healthier co-existence during these uncertain times. 

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Workshop The Happiness Formula 2nd round - by Jaro Pichel

This is a follow-up workshop on the Happiness Formula. We will spend the 1:15hrs to dive deeper into the art of creating long-lasting happiness. You will be introduced to different evidence-based concepts and techniques that increase your level of happiness. Techniques we work with include the art of forgiving, finding ways to get into and stay in the present, and creating a hopeful future.
Jaro, consciousness coach and trainer at SSC Career Services, will facilitate this active and practice-oriented workshop.

Until then, don’t worry be happy!”

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Workshop Dealing with the inner critic - by Jeroen Tessers

You feel like you have this constant nagging voice in your head telling you to be different and do things better, that you are not good enough. And you want it to stop. Well, let's be honest: there is no magic wand for sale that makes your self-criticism disappear. What we can do though, is work on decreasing its influence on you.
In this workshop we will use the self-insight method Voice Dialogue to do just that. A sneak peek at the contents of the workshop: 
  • Your inner rules as defense mechanisms
  • A new perspective: "A part of me feels..."
  • Building impersonal energy

So, if you want to take practical steps towards dealing with self-criticism, this is the workshop for you!

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Workshop Stress reduction through Mindfulness & Yoga - by Christian Schiffer

In this workshop we will focus on how Yoga and Meditation can help you to reduce stress in your everyday life. We will practice a breathing exercise, a meditation technique and some mindful moving/Yoga. You need no previous experience and the workshop is suitable for all levels.
Please wear some comfortable clothing and make sure to have a space with as little distractions as possible.

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Workshop Stress management

Is it difficult to find a good balance between study and leisure time and do you feel stressed often?

Then sign up for this workshop. You will learn about stress, be more aware of your own stress signals & (non) helping behaviour. You will also get tools to keep stress in control.

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Workshop Job interview

  • What kind of questions can I expect during an (online) job interview?
  • How do I keep my nerves under control and how do I answer every question?
  • What clothes do I put on and how do I make a good first impression?
  • What questions could I ask during a job interview?

Do you recognize these questions or do you have other questions about a job interview? Sign up for this workshop!

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:
•    Identify the most common selection criteria and generic job interview questions, and formulate constructive answers to them.
•    Present convincing examples of relevant experience by using the STARR-model.
•    Recall and apply tips and tools to feel more relaxed during a job interview.

Think about questions you find difficult to answer. Bring these to the workshop.

Dress code
Suitable clothing is required. Wear the clothes you would wear for a real job interview!

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Workshop Vacancy search

Are you looking to find a first job? Or do you want to do an internship or volunteer to develop professional competencies and explore the labour market?
In this workshop, you find out how to approach your online search for opportunities. You learn about search techniques, from identifying interesting vacancy platforms to using the right search terms to find the opportunity of your dreams. 

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Workshop Find and keep your energy sources 

•    What job will keep me motivated?
•    Why am I doing what I’m doing? 
•    What do I get out of it all? 
•    How can I stay motivated and persist at school or at work?
If you ask yourself these questions, while studying or working, this workshop can give you the answers. We offer you a mix of tools and scientific proven tips to enlarge your resilience and motivational level at work and at school. 
At the end of this workshop you: 
•    have discovered the energy sources that make you jump out of bed  in the morning
•    Have found out what keeps you going in difficult times
•    will leave with practical tools to enlarge your resilience and to recharge your motivation. 

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