Historians present their project, program or institute in a three minute pitch. Especially researchers and institutes have been invited who are starting new research or who have recently received a grant.
Pitches on Thursday include presentations by:

• Pepijn Corduwener (Utrecht University)
• Diederik Smit (Leiden University)
• Bram Mellink (University of Amsterdam)
• Constant Hijzen (Leiden University)
• Mart Rutjes (University of Amsterdam)
• Stephen Milder (Groningen University)
• Marijn Molema (Frysk Akademie)

Pitches on Friday include:
• Margit van der Steen (Association for Political History APH)
• Marijke van Faassen (Huygens/ING)
• Hilde Reiding (Centre for Parliamentairy History Radboud University)
• Leo Lucassen (International Institute for Social History IISG)
• Remy Limpach (Nederlands Instituut voor Militaire Historie NIMH)
• Esther Captain (Leiden University, Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land-
en Volkenkunde KITLV)
• Laurien Crump (Utrecht University, OSCE)

For questions on the pitches: Pieter Slaman (p.j.slaman@fgga.leidenuniv.nl).

participants registration
 participants registration