Exhibit information

28 September, FAIR during symposium DSPE Optics and Optomechatronics Symposium

Location: AULA Conference Center of Delft University of Technology, Mekelweg 5, Delft

Contactperson: Annemarie Schrauwen, T +31(0)655730737, M info@dspe.nl

You can deliver your goods at the front of the Aula, but your car can not stay in front of the Aula because it is the road for emergency cars. Parking is for free around the building (Christiaan Huygensweg of Van der Waalsweg). The exhibition floor is on the first floor. There is a small elevator with a door of 100 cm x 190 cm. The maximum floor load is 150 kg.

Contact the organisation if you have larger materials you want to expose.

Assembly day:

Monday 28 September: 7:00 – 9:00 hrs. First come to the registration desk for the last information.

Dismantlement days:

Monday 28 September: 18:00 – 19:00 hrs.


7:00       - 8:45          Building stands
(standcrew can pick up their badge already at the registration)

8:45       -  9:30         Welcome the guests, registration

9:30       - 10:50        Lectures

10:50     - 11:20        Break

11:20     -12:40         Lectures

12:40     - 14:15         Lunch

14:15     - 15:25         Lectures

15:25     - 15:55         Break

15:55     - 17:15         Lectures

17:15     - 18:15         Drinks

18:00     - 19:00         Dismantlement of the stand

Half of September you will receive a standplan. One week before the event you receive the guestlist of the symposium.

Please contact Annemarie Schrauwen via +31(0)655730737 or mail info@dspe.nl if you have questions about the event.               


event registration
 event registration