Welcome to the conference website of "The Past and Future of AstroPAH Research"

Spurred by the imminent launch of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) and its immense potential to push PAH research to the next level, it is timely to organize a workshop to assess the past, present, and future of astronomical PAH research. The workshop aims to assess the state-of-the-art research and key questions of today and evaluate the advances made since the successful PAH workshop in 2013. Furthermore, it aims to chart the future of astronomical PAH research with a major focus on the potential contributions of JWST to PAH research. Indeed, this mission can revolutionize the field but only if we prepare well. Hopefully, this meeting can help coordinate the efforts in the field for cycles 0 and 1 of JWST. Last but not least, the workshop will foster the existing international and interdisciplinary collaborations and also form new collaborations.


The preliminary program includes sessions on:

  • PAHs and JWST

  • PAH emission features in space

  • PAH Spectroscopy and the Search for Signatures

  • Processing of PAHs

  • Formation of PAHs

  • Relationship between PAHs and Fullerenes

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 event registration made easy