Sparring with Patrick Polak (Newion Investment)

Sparring with Patrick Polak (Newion Investment)

Patrick Polak - Managing Partner Newion Investments

After completing his studies in Aerospace Engineering in Delft, he jointly founded an IT company. He sold his interest in this company at the end of 1996. He came to work at N.V. NOM in Groningen at the start of 1997 where he was mainly responsible for investments in IT-related businesses. In addition to the IT investments, he has also financed various other types of companies.

Patrick has occupied or is still occupying positions on various Non Executive boards. He is on the Board of Q-go, Eonic, Asysco, LeanApps and Europe Unlimited.

In addition he is actively involved with Servoy, Mirror42 and Service to Media. In the past he was a Non-Executive Board Member with IKS Producten, AllLocations, Amyyon, SLTN Group, Oxxio, IBT, Datell, E-semble, Propulsion, Sound Intelligence and involved with LightWeight Ventures.

Patrick is the joint founder of Newion that was set up in December 2000 and he has operated as a venture capitalist since 1997.