Peer to peer sessions - Giftedness

  • Do you often feel different from others, but don't know why?
  • Do you experience external stimuli intensely?
  • Do you have difficulties with maintaining motivation and interest when working on something for a longer period of time?
  • Do you doubt (yourself) a lot and do you always have questions?
  • Are you interested in many different things?

If you recognise yourself in some of these questions, this training might help you. Contrary to the stereotype, giftedness is not about just having good cognitive abilities or having an IQ above 130, but it also entails having a range of characteristics, including high sensitivity, doubt and a critical attitude. These characteristics may add an extra layer of complexity to seemingly common problems. How nice it would be to talk about these topics with others?

During these informal gatherings, we discuss giftedness. The aim of this training is to increase your knowledge about giftedness and to share some insights and experiences in a casual atmosphere with fellow peers.

-Tuesday the 10th of May 2022 Let’s talk about…paradoxes in giftedness:

This peer to peer meeting is all about starting a conversation together, finding recognition in each other's experiences and getting inspired. Some gifted people struggle with so-called 'all-or-nothing thinking' or, in other words, seeing things in extremes. This can make it really difficult to find and maintain a balance in professional and social life, as well as a balance between these two. In accordance with the World Café concept, we will discuss different paradoxes in giftedness like:

-curious vs easily bored.

-need for autonomy vs enjoying the boundaries set by clear rules.

-setting high expectations for yourself vs difficulties dealing with high expectations.

-need for challenge and variety vs avoidance behavior due to performance anxiety.   

-doesn’t want to be mistaken for a ‘know-it-all’ vs knowing it better.    

-strong need for authenticity vs propensity for adaptive behavior. 

You can join the topics of your interest! Our team will prepare a number of questions for each topic to initiate a conversation, of course in a low key atmosphere. The exchange and mutual inspiration is up to the participants… We hope to see you!

-Tuesday 14th of June 2022  -Friendship matters…matters of friendship: are you sometimes surprised by the way your peers handle things? Do you have other interests and/or much higher expectations of friendships? Do you sometimes feel like an outsider? Or did you learn to adapt like a chameleon? Do you often experience a mismatch between you and your peers in tutorials or group assignments? Giftedness may play a role in all of these struggles. As humans we learn from other people and we develop based on a match in development. The tricky part is that as a gifted person you may have had less like-minded people around you. This influences the extent to which you can develop yourself socially and also the extent to which you feel connected to others. As a gifted person you do not have less social abilities: it is more like a mismatch. In this peer to peer meeting we take a closer look at friendship and other relations… We hope to welcome you!


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