Peer to peer meetings giftedness.

Do you often feel different from others, but don't know why? Do you have difficulties with maintaining motivation and interest when working on something for a longer period of time? Do you doubt a lot? Are you interested in many different things? Do you feel easily stimulated and sometimes overstimulated by your environment?

If you recognize some of these questions, join the discussion and be welcome to one of our peer to peer meetings regarding giftedness!


The background to these meetings is that in daily life you hear all kinds of ideas about what being gifted means. The word 'giftedness' often has a negative connotation. For example, consider the following statements:

The higher the IQ, the lower the EQ.

You can only call yourself gifted if you have excellent performances.

Gifted people cannot cooperate well in a team.

However, contrary to the stereotype that all gifted people are very successful and perform excellent without any help, giftedness in daily life is often accompanied by feelings of doubt and feeling different. In fact, giftedness is not just having good cognitive ability or having an IQ above 130, but rather a range of characteristics, including high sensitivity, doubt, and perfectionism. These characteristics add an extra layer of complexity to seemingly 'normal' problems and can therefore lead to lower self-confidence, procrastination, failed results and thus negatively affect personal well-being. How nice would it be to talk about this with others!


These peer to peer meetings are informal gatherings where students interested in giftedness come together to increase their knowledge about this subject and share insights in a casual atmosphere. The peer to peer meetings are organized by involved students and Anke Smeenk (study adviser FHML and working on additional training in the field of giftedness). A different theme is chosen for each meeting. The peer to peer meetings are therefore a combination of something educational and fun.

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Meetings are on Tuesday afternoons from 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM. In general, the program consists of a short presentation or an interactive method, after which you have the opportunity to discuss and exchange experiences.


For the 2021-2022 academic year, peer to peer meetings will be organized on: 

Tue 25 January 2021 (15.30-17.00) overexcitabilities: Can you get very annoyed by a label in your shirt? Is certain food not feasible for you because of the structure? Do you regularly have to go home early because you have become overstimulated? Some people may say that you're exaggerating, but this is not necessarily the case! For many people it is difficult to understand that as a gifted person you really experience certain things so deeply. That you are not exaggerating, but that it is actually so intense for you. Dabrowski describes this under the heading of 'overexcitibilities'. Today we are going to take a closer look at this theme.


Tue 1 March 2022

 (15.30-17.00) I don't feel gifted: everyone can do that, right? : It is often a characteristic of giftedness to have difficulties with saying "I am gifted". Many gifted people don't feel gifted. Maybe you recognize that in yourself too? Often thoughts such as: 'Yes, but everyone has that, right?' or 'Anyone can do that, right?' play a major role in this. Or 'If I were gifted, I could do this or that'. That is why today's meeting focuses on this theme. We will have a deeper look at some of these doubts together.


Tue 5 April 2022

(15.30-17.00) Giftedness, more than a high IQ. what exactly is giftedness?  (starters) Meeting for people wondering if they are gifted. What does it mean to be gifted? Many gifted adults only discover later in life why they have always felt different, why their mind never stops, why they react differently to certain events or environments, why they are often misunderstood. For many people it is a difficult process, because they actually thought they were the ones who are "stupid". In this afternoon you will learn more about giftedness, so that you can get the most out of it and be yourself.


Tue 10 May 2022 (15.30-17.00) subject to be specified later.


Tue 14 June 2022 (15.30-17.00) subject to be specified later.