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"Digital sensor technologies are fueling the field of sports medicine, generating increasing amounts of raw data from multiple sources. However, doctors have a hard time to successfully gain insight and foresight from this data. The analysis is complex, requires specific technical know-how and is time consuming. AeroPro analytic solutions connects the dots providing far-reaching insight to support diagnostics, personalize patient treatment, accelerate recovery and athletic performance."



ByE-waste is a streamlined platform to increase e-waste collection where citizens can upload online their electronic waste and get it collected by volunteers around the city. ByE-waste offers a bottom-up approach whereby citizens are triggered to change their perspective towards responsibility and be aware of the environmental problem. Municipalities and collecting companies can use ByE-waste platform to track waste levels.



Organizations spend a lot of time and money on data integrity and process optimization within their own organizational boundaries. But a lot of these processes involve interaction outside of the organization. Today this often happens in disconnected systems, all with their own version of the truth and their own way of working… This results in orders not being received, products not being delivered, payments not made on time, claims not being processed, patient information not being transfered. Which results in loss of money and unhappy customers. It happens all the time, in all business areas… In order for organizations to work together, they need to trust each other with shared information and shared business processes. DynaChain offers data and workflow integration between business critical management systems connecting multiple parties, to create and align shared business processes, in a simple and secure way. Full transparency and immutable auditing provides trust. Direct integration into existing back office systems and processes will help in fast user adoption. This results in optimized processes, better customer experience and reduced costs.


Slow Wifi, Bulky Adaptors, Difficulty connecting to the projector. Every office goer faces atleast one of these issues on a daily basis. We have a solution to tackle such problems in your offices and meeting rooms. We sell a smart & sleek box which provides "Fast & Reliable Internet, Power and connection to the projector" just through a single universal cable (USB-C). The box is capable of powering 6 laptops and simultaneously provide secured internet, thus delivering maximum user comfort.



Traditional ownership is changing into usage of mobility. Customers / users don’t want to have a private car, but are willing to share with others. The car share platform makes this possible, by allowing our clients to share their car, within a trusted community (from employee and employer perspective). By adding other services (MaaS/ride sharing) our clients can use one environment for all their mobility needs.

Medical VR


We provide virtual reality software for medical specialists to enhance the understanding of their patient’s anatomy. Our software transfers CT-scans into 3D-models. The volumetric 3D-models are visualized in Virtual Reality (VR) so that the medical specialist can practically swim through their patient’s body. This enables better diagnostics, optimal surgical planning and decreases medical errors.



For objects rotating at high speeds (from 0 up to ~20,000 RPM), we provide a reliable high speed network connection (1Gb/s Ethernet) and power supply (150 Watt), outperforming conventional solutions such as sliprings or wifi. It is an integrated solution suitable for harsh and demanding environments (aerospace compliant) with minimal maintenance.



Noria prevents plastic soup from growing by cleaning the rivers from plastic. This way we prevent animals from dying from eating plastic. The river cleaning solutions are suitable for several locations like river bends, city centers, behind a sewer system, or in an estuary. The main characteristics of the Systems that Noria offers are: - Driven by natural forces, - Easy to maintain, - Affordable, - Fish friendly. More info can be found on or

Oregano (TNO)


Oregano creates a trusted track&trace platform for the emerging legal cannabis industry. For cannabis consumers who want to know what is in the product they buy, our app provides a reliable source of information. For growers and sellers our IT-system guarantees compliance to the law and provides customers with trust in their product/brand. For cannabis regulators who want to guarantee a legitimate supply-chain, our IT system makes efficient checks possible and provides factual data.



85% of all shipping incidents can be traced back to human error. Blaming the captain in most cases is an oversimplification of the problem, because these incidents are not the result of a lack of skill or attention. In these situations, captains base their decisions on either incomplete or an overflow of information. By making use of our Smart-Ship haptic lever, a fluent flow of information between the captain and the automation systems aboard the vessel is guaranteed. The haptic lever makes use of force feedback technology, which directly transfers information to the captain using physical forces. Our solution will provide a smooth sailing experience, by sharing the control in an intuitive way.

BLACKBEAR® is a dutch startup that aims on the discovery, development and delivery of the NewGen (students and starters). By connecting them to businesscases, projects, tools, companies and other students/starters, we try to change the War for Talent.
Hubert AI
World's first completely automated AI feedback system.
iThrive is your personal coach that helps you to transform habits and thrive.
Learn Forward
For mobile-savvy PowerPoint and Google Slides users, who want to enrich their audience experience, Hypersay is a cloud based presentation delivery platform that builds social interaction around slides content.
Maester is an e-learning platform to distibute knowledge in a very effective way even if the subject is boring. We automatically give feedback on the content and we add gamified and social components to make learning fun.
PlagScan GmbH
PlagScan is a first-rate plagiarism checking software, widely used by academic institutions and businesses to automatically ensure originality in documents.
We help language learners practice speaking English in virtual reality without the need of a real person.
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