APTA Technologies

APTA provides insight into your log data (production/operations, but also from hardware-driven devices such as IoT, SCADA) and helps you utilize this underused log data to move your KPIs.


Chaintip is a financial technology company that builds products based on distributed ledger technology (DLT) for regulated financial institutions.


With their best-in-class compression system, they offer highly efficient transmission of photos.


Supporting humans to extract more value in negotiations.


AIDA turns unpredictable disasters into manageable risks.

Flux Tech

Flux Tech aims to build sensor systems for the detection and monitoring of cracks in steel bridges. This way, they help to create safer infrastructure while reducing operating, maintenance, and engineering costs.

Innovation Matters

Currently, EV charging points in the home environment are dependent on the energy supplier of the homeowner. For EV fleet owners, this means that they are always reliant on the energy supplier, for example, with billing and unlocking flexibility. Innovation Matters enables EV fleet owners to choose the energy supplier to their cars, opening up entirely new business models for EVs.


Roboxxy provides the Charge Point Operators with a device that alerts them about any anomaly in the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure using Machine Learning.


Smilo is a unique full-featured hybrid Blockchain platform that will be able to facilitate hybrid transactions, hybrid smart contracts and hybrid decentralized applications — with ‘hybrid’ referring to both public and private. Smilo uses their unique Blockchain technology to facilitate an alternative protocol for decentralized applications, including GDPR compliant private transactions, infinite scaling and accurate cost predictions.


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