Vertigo technologies

FRESCO is a measurement technique for the automatic evaluation of the quality of fresh fruit by means of microwaves. It allows measuring hidden properties of the fruit pulp (ripening, diseases or sweetness) in a more accurate way in respect to conventional visual examination, and it is non-destructive, so that every healthy sample eventually ends up on the market.



Tarnoc is creating a smart thermal storage solution that aims to reduce to the total cost of heat pump ownership by using weather forecast based optimization and smart PV usage



Zymbioses will provide municipal wastewater treatment companies with CO2 reducing technology for low-cost wastewater treatment. Our system is a Vertical Photo-Activated Slurry (VPAS) Reactor that operates in all climates, uses natural lightening and does not require aeration to perform biological nutrient removal. Zymbiosis is yhe first company to implement photo activated wastewater treatment outside of a research lab.


Mego Mobility

Mego is a shared electric and modular scooter that brings financial an spatial autonomy to the lower social class, solving challenges introduces bu low emission zones in cities, the automation of labour and cities becoming traps of inequility.




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