Adeezy is a SaaS application that fixes transparency, reduces fraud, increases efficiency and drives your advertising campaigns by using advanced technologies, including blockchain and AI. Through the use of AI technology and community services, Adeezy has the ability to predict campaign impact upfront. For a monthly subscription per user a range of modules are available for the customer.
We help large companies in delivering better customer service by our reducing in workload and costs. We offer a best-in-class flexible AI platform that can be employed on channels like WhatsApp and WebChat. We can also add rich media like video to create an immersive experience. Simply put: we deliver happy customers. We do this for companies like T-Mobile and Nuon.


RTI Blockchain provides an online registration platform for all customers and companies worldwide that register incoming and outgoing reusable transport items (RTI). RTI Blockchain makes it possible to have the administration of all different types of RTI at one platform which is 100% reliable, independent and gives a real time single point of truth overview of the locations and the outstanding RTIs.

Datafloq BV – Project Imagjn: Academic publishing is broken; it is outdated, bureaucratic, slow and unfair. Imagjn solves these issues by moving from a journal Impact Factor to an Individual Impact Factor that gives control back to academics and universities. Imagjn improves the scientific method by simplifying how academics write, cite, review and publish academic papers.



With DTC Intelligent Monitoring System you can: - Provide additional safety to in-patients - Assist high fall-risk patients getting up out of bed in time - Provide nurses a tool that will lower their workload - Provide 24/7 diagnostic tools to medical doctors - Substantially reduce healthcare costs while increasing quality of services.

Effect Force focuses on labelling the data used to build and improve Natural Language Understanding and Processing models in the customer service sector, by supplying human-in-the-loop expertise in Dutch, German, French, Spanish and Italian.



Urbandine is an intelligent, personalized mobile ordering and payment platform that uses AI to recommend the 'right' dishes along with the ability to order, re-order and pay directly from their smartphone when dining in at a restaurant. For restaurants, along with increasing earnings through ease of ordering and up-selling, we look improve peak time capacity management and improve the quality of work for the waiters.



event registration made easy
 event registration made easy