Workshop PNO: MIT subsidy

Workshop PNO: MIT subsidy

MIT subsidy

PNO will inform you about the MIT subsidy for R&D-projects. An R&D subsidy specifically aiming at stimulating the highly innovative SME companies to make a significant contribution to R&D development within one of the 9 Top Sectors that the Netherlands worldwide excels in.

MIT consists of two interesting type of projects for tech-innovative SME companies: i) feasibility projects (deadline expited) and ii) R&D collaboration projects between two or more SME’s (is open till September 1). If your company co-develops something highly innovative with another promising SME-company for example the Dutch market, please visit our workshop!

Subsidy details for the MIT R&D-projects:

- Maximum subsidy per project is € 200.000!;

- Maximum subsidy per partner is € 100.000;

- One of the greatest advantages of the MIT Instrument is that all your ours spent on      R&D are eligible resulting in a net benefit of € 21,- per hour.

For these reasons a really interesting subsidy for every tech start-up! This subsidy opened July 5th and closes September 1st. This time only the best projects receive funding so therefore it is important to start as soon as possible with writing your proposal!!

On Monday August 15 you will have the opportunity to determine if this subsidy instrument is eligible for your innovative project! We start at 11:00 (including a sandwich) and close at 12:30 pm.

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