Pre-pitch event                                                                               May 22nd
When: 16:00-18:00
Where: YES!Delft
Who: Students with a port related idea and/or start-up

This pitch event will give students, who already have a port related idea or start-up the chance to accelerate their idea/start-up. You will pitch your idea/start-up in front of people from the Port of Rotterdam. With their expertise of the port, they will give you feedback on your pitch. If they see potential in your port related idea, you will get the chance to get free access at the Port innovation lab. This lab provides you with coaches, test facilities, access to a launching customer network, investors and more. Normally access to this lab has a price of 15.000 euro.

Do you already have a port related idea/start-up or could your service or product be useful for ports. Sign up for this event by joining the “ innovating the port of Rotterdam” project and accelerate your idea! 

participant registration
 participant registration