PPE New Year's dinner

We are very sorry to inform you that the PPE Christmas dinner on December 16th will be postponed to Friday January 21 (TU Delft, B58) due to the Corona measures.
Please inform the secretary if you would like to cancel your registration.

On December 16th we will organize an online event (suggestions are welcome). More information will follow.

For January 21:
We would like you to prepare alone or in a group of 1-3 persons a dish of your country for 6-8 persons. You can make a starter, main course or dessert.

PPE will take care of the drinks and the social part!

Due to Corona we are not sure if we can invite the partners.

You can declare the costs for making the dish (max EUR 20). For this you need to fill in a declaration form an attach the original receipts (see Declaration form).