Cocreate with other front runners the agenda for the next European Conference on Circular Economy

We warmly invite you to set the European agenda and become part of the new European Circular Economy Community. A joint program by Springtij (Netherlands) and Springtide International (Europe). 

The coming months we plan to facilitate the first two steps:

  1. A Prep-meeting on November 15 with invited top-stakeholders. Together we assemble the data, the plans and the scope to move forward
  2. The Kick Off Conference in early Spring (March (5) 6 + 7, 2020) with 250 international participants 

Transition requires lots of effort
End of September at Springtij Forum, around 600 professionals gathered to discuss the Dutch sustainability topics. We now broaden the scope to Europe. Why? Because e
verywhere in Europe policy and decision makers struggle with questions like how to safeguard raw materials and how to become climate-neutral. Companies, as the main driver of economic change, are looking for answers, preferably before it is too late to step into the transition. Since a transition requires a joint effort, all European institutions, organizations, governments, industries and civilians should be part of it.

Let´s set the European agenda
To provide the necessary answers, Springtij, being a Dutch event, and Springtide International intend to create a European Circular Economy Community. 


As we know you share the ambitions for a circular economy, we invite you to become part of this community. We hope you will join us on this new endeavour. 

On November 15 a selected group of international experts and front runners will set the agenda of a series of work conferences for the coming years, aimed at creating a European Circular Economy Community.

Check out the Program and Topics and the List of invited experts. You also might want to read the background article by Wouter van Dieren 'Why Europe is destined to embrace the sustainable economy'.

If you want to be part of this, send an e-mail to


Envisioning and elaboration of the Circular Economy
The many initiatives need a network with a common agenda in the years to come, in the belief that the future of Europe will largely be dependent on its ability to distinguish itself in the world economy by means of an innovative sustainable program. Circular Economy offers a powerful concept. However, it needs envisioning and elaboration as well as translation into workable practical and policy actions, for industries and governments.

'Green Davos' on a Dutch island
These events aim to create a powerful platform for the European Circular Economy Community. As a ‘Green Davos’ it connects ideas and initiatives, stimulates new industrial co-operations, advocates Circular Economy as the way forward for Europe, influences policy makers in the European Parliament as well as in the member states and raises the stage for the frontrunners in circularity and clean energy. Thus, the community helps designing and cocreating a European Circular Economy.

Wouter van Dieren                           
Founding Father Springtij and Springtide International, Member Club of Rome 


Marieke van der Werf                           
Chair of Springtide International

in cooperation with Annemieke Nijhof - Springtij Forum


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 event registration made easy