Dear students,

On Friday 28th of August 2020, we would like to invite you to play the iPad Student Rotterdam Game. A city game that you’ll play with your new classmates in the city of Rotterdam. Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus, it isn’t possible for all the foreign students to come to The Netherlands. Therefore, we have developed a game that can be played both online and offline fort he students who aren’t in The Netherlands. 

The students who are in The Netherlands are divided into teams. They will go into the city with an iPad, where they have to answer questions and carry out various assignments. Each team is also connected with an online student who will play from their own country by telephone. The student who is abroad will connect with the team captain in The Netherlands through Facetime or a different communication app and stay online to help their team. So if you’re not in The Netherlands yet, your fellow students will show you the city by phone. In addition to the assignments in Rotterdam, there are also specific assignments that the online student must carry out in their own country. For the online student it’s therefore important that you’re ready to do an outdoor assignment. Together you’ll compete with other teams. Which team will be the best?!

As mentioned, you’ll be divided into teams. The numbers 1 of each team are the team captains. To prevent you all from entering the school with hundreds of students at the same time, only the team captain will come to school to collect the iPad at a specific time. That way we can control the 1.5 meters of distance that has to be executed. The team captain will create a Whatsapp group with his teammates (including the online student) no later than the day before. The team captain will arrange a time and location to meet after the iPad is collected. Do not make an appointment to meet outside the school, because they’re will be approximately 200 – 250 students each game round.

Word of advice for the team captain, it’s useful to download a photo collage app in advance. You’ll need this during the game.  

The team captain will fill in a form and sign this to receive the iPad and game explanation. It’s important to all teammates to have Whatsapp on their phone. The team captain will discuss with the online student through which communication app they’ll communicate. We recommend Facetime. The online student will need a phone with 3G/4G, so that he is still online, even fora n outdoor assignment in his country. If this isn’t possible in your country and you can only use WiFi, then search for a creative solution together with the relevant assignments. Points will not be deducted for such a ‘’problem’’, but points will be awarded for a creative solution 😊.

Since the group of students is very large, we’ll play the game 3 times during the day, so that all the student scan participate. On the 27th of August, you’ll receive an email with information about your team and what time you’ll start. The team captain will also be notified what time he has to pick up the Ipad. The game lasts 2,5 hours and afterwards the team captain will return the Ipad at school. At the end of the day, we will see who the winner is! This will be communicated via Intranet. This team will receive a Rotterdam prize!

We wish you lots of luck and fun with the Ipad Student Rotterdam Game!