Workshop PNO: information session WBSO - RDA wijzigingen

Workshop PNO: information session WBSO - RDA wijzigingen

Information Session WBSO - RDA changes

Most likely you have received the news that the WBSO and RDA will be merged as of January 2016. The finalization of these plans will be formally announced on Prinsjesdag - September 15th. This is reason for us to invite you September 24th for an info session about this topic.

What can you expect?
The consequences of merging the WBSO and RDA cannot be summarized briefly. Besides that, the consequences are not the same for each company because they depend on various variables.

Due to our good contacts with relevant government agencies, PNO’s WBSO and RDA specialists are well informed about the various possible merging scenarios and characteristics of the envisaged WBSO and RDA legislation. During an info session of one hour we will give you a broad insight in all changes, furthermore present to you our findings and advice you on various subjects of the envisaged legislation such as:

  • best application strategy;
  • modified administration requirements;
  • optimal preparation for RVO’s audits;
  • transition of projects, costs and expenses from old to new method;
  • and off course the impact of these changes for your company.

Everybody is welcome on this info session. If you have any relations who are interested in attending the session, please feel free to invite them.

Practical information

The info session starts at 11:00 (walk in from 10:45), takes an hour and afterwards there is a free lunch available! 



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