Ready2Scale 2018

Ready2Scale 2018


READY TO SCALE 2018 (starts in January)

Having a startup is cool unless you get stuck in the startup phase forever. Do you realize growth is essential but are you unable to scale your company due to a lack of time? Then it’s time to join Ready to Scale! The program is uniquely designed to boost your company’s growth.

Its hands-on structure fits the needs and reality of entrepreneurs that have the ambition to expand. Ready to Scale offers a balanced mix of personalized advice, mentoring, workshops and matching with investors, corporates and talent. We help you get your company to the next phase of growth.


You are an entrepreneur with a strong ambition to grow. Your company has over € 100k in annual revenues or € 100k+ in funding. You and your team have already made the first steps to get to the next level of growth but you feel like things could develop faster.

Join Ready to Scale if you want to get your company investment ready and get introductions to investors. You should also see the value of meeting a network of mentors and coaches.

Masterclasses and workshops: each session consists of expert-lectures on a range of subjects such as growth, funding & structuring your business and a presentation by an experienced entrepreneur. The sessions also include practical workshops.


  • Learn directly from successful entrepreneurs
  • You will be introduced to a network of high profile
    mentors and investors
  • Pitch your company to corporate clients
  • Get applied knowledge of subjects like; growth,
    funding, digital strategy, team & international
  • Introductions to the most talented students from the Amsterdam Universities
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