Main Project Posters

Titel: Transparent and sustainable balancing arrangements for the future electrical energy supply
Author: Jasper Frunt – TU/e

Titel: E-Price Project. Price-based Control of Electrical Power Systems
Authors: Ana Virag

Research Posters

Titel: Congestion Management in the Deregulated Electricity Market: an Assessment of Locational Pricing, Redispatch and Regulation
Author: Ralph Hermans - TU/e, Paul van den Bosch - TU/e, Andrej Jokic - TU/e, Paul Giesbertz - Statkraft Markets B.V., Paul Boonenkamp - APX and Ana Virag - TU/e

Titel: The influence of the programme time unit
Author: Jasper Frunt – TU/e, Ralph Hermans - TU/e, Wil Kling TU/e and Paul van den Bosch - TU/e

Titel: Residential Demand Response in Liberalised Market Environments.
Authors: Ioannis Lampropoulos, Wil Kling – TU/e

Titel: Exploring a market for inertial response: Realities of availability and tradeoffs of wind turbine kinetic energy
Author: Barry Rawn - TU Delft, Madeleine Gibescu - TU Delft and Wil Kling - TU/e
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Titel: Combined Bidding at Power and Ancillary Service Markets
Authors: Ana Virag, Andrej Jokic, Ralph Hermans en Paul van den Bosch

Titel: Market Mechanisms in low level control and high level trade in electricity grids with a high share of renewables
Authors: Rene Kamphuis – ECN, Frans Nieuwenhout – ECN en Cor Warmer

Titel: Photovoltaic Plant Power Fluctuations: Quantifying Dynamic Reserve Benefits and Feasibility of Forecasting
Authors: M Nijhuis, B.G. Rawn, M. Gibescu
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Onder leiding van de TU Eindhoven, vindt het onderzoek naar nieuwe concepten voor E-markten en een toekomstbestendig systeem voor balanshandhaving, momenteel plaats binnen het Europese project E-Price. Op de web site van E-Price vindt u op de pagina met downloads meer informatie.