Mathieu Fransen - NMa, Energiekamer
Expert in Transport & Trade of Electricity at Dutch Office of Energy regulation and Senior member of staff at Netherlands Competition Authority

Electricity Markets specialist with broad experience in all aspects of the european electricity market, policy making and regulation as well as operational and financial experience in assetmanagement. Direct experience with european electricitymarket integration, Congestionmanagement on the national high voltage grid and. Interested in companes active in the utilities-sector as well as Transmission and Distribution System Operators.


Paul Giesbertz - Statkraft
As Head of Infrastructure and Market Policies he is responsible for infrastructure related matters and regulatory affairs at Statkraft Markets with focus on assets (power plants and Baltic Cable) and projects in Germany, UK and France. He is also responsible for regulatory affairs in continental Europe with focus on EU bodies and regional initiatives. Recently he has been appointed as Board Mamber of Baltic Cable AB, which operates a 600 MW cable between Sweden and Germany. The introduction of market coupling is one of his main focus areas.


Paul van den Bosch - TU/e
Prof. Paul van den Bosch has obtained his PhD thesis on the optimization of large scale power systems. He has been appointed full professor in control first at Delft University of Technology and in 1993 at Eindhoven University of Technology. He is leader of the RegelDuurzaam and E-price project.
Paul van den Bosch

Frank Nobel - TenneT
Frank Nobel(System Operations: monitoring & development) has experience in Load forecasting, Market design, Imbalance pricing design and Security of Supply issues.

Frank Nobel

Olivier Ongkiehong - AgentschapNL
Adviser energy R&D at Agentschap NL

Mark Belloni - Eneco
Manager Strategic Business Development at ENECO Energy Trade

Mart van der Meijden – TU Delft
Prof. Mart van der Meijden is deeltijdhoogleraar Large Scale Sustainable Power Systems aan TU Delft en manager innovatie bij TenneT TSO B.V.


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