Design through exploration

Interactive products and services are the result of an interactive and multistage process. Designers have to present and discuss ideas on a regular basis, with users, colleagues, customers and management. It is often difficult for these parties to imagine what the ideas of the designer entail. At the same time, the designer needs feedback to make meaningful design decisions. There is a need for methods and tools to externalize, explore and discuss ideas and concepts effectively, which has been the focus of the REPAR project.

At the “Design through Exploration” Symposium on June 13th, a practical and effective mix of presentations and workshops will give you insight into the latest methods and tools for exploring and discussing design ideas with different stakeholders in the early phases of the design process, where extensive prototypes are not yet available.

The symposium is organized in collaboration with Design United, platform for Dutch research in the area of design, an initiative of the 3 TU departments for Industrial Design. Location of the symposium is Media Plaza, Utrecht.