Workshop 1: idAnimate: A tool for low-fidelity animation and prototyping

By: Javier Quevedo-Fernánde and Jean-Bernard Martens

Product design is becoming increasingly complex due to high abundancy and price reduction of embedded computing devices. Such increase in complexity is making it more difficult to explore and communicate design ideas in the early stages of the design process. Desginers are in need of new tools that allows them to visualize their concepts without spending large amounts of time and money in creating high fidelity prototypes. In this workshop we present idAnimate, a research tool for iPad devices that aims at supporting designers to rapidly create animated visualizations of interactive products and services. For this purpose a design task will be proposed for participants to explore and create ideas using idAnimate, to later share them amongst the group. The workshop will conclude with a group discussion on the pitfalls, limitations and oppotunities that the current tools utilized by designers expose.

Workshop 2: Using Virtual Reality in User Centred Design

By Jos Thalen and Mascha van der Voort

Virtual Reality (VR) allows us to experience (see, hear, feel, control) things that do not yet exist. This makes it an attractive support tool for user centred product design; end-users can experience future products without the need for designers to create expensive physical prototypes. In the workshop we present an overview of a number of case studies where VR facilitated user centered design tasks. We then discuss the deployment of these techniques in user centred design practice. During the second part of the workshop we invite you to brainstorm and discuss potential VR opportunities and bottlenecks in your specific design domain. The workshop is intended for product design practitioners with (some) experience in user centered design.

Workshop 3: Co-Constructing Stories: Collecting feedback from users on radically new concepts

By Derya Ozcelik Buskermolen and Jacques Terken

When designing, designers do not only create products or services. They also create a story explaining why this product or service is likely to be useful and valuable for people. The Co-Constructing Stories method is intended to support designers in eliciting feedback from user on early design ideas, enabling the designer to enrich the story of the concept and make it more convincing and credible. In this workshop we present the Co-Constructing Stories method. We introduce a hands-on trial of the method which will help participants to get a “feel” of the method. At the end of the workshop, there will be a group discussion through which participants will reflect on their experiences with the method.

We are looking forward to seeing you in the Co-Constructing Stories workshop on 13th of June!

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