Overview of sessions & workshops

Sessions (90 minutes)

The following sessions will take place during the conference. Multiple distinctions are made:

  • According to their relevance to the scientific community, practitioners or both.
    • Science, Practice or Science & Practice.
  • According to their acceptance of abstracts.
    • Open for submission or invited speakers only.
B. Modelling complex and interdependent STE systems    
B.s7. Agent-based modelling and simulation for the assessment and design of STE systems Science Open   
D. Governance systems and institutional arrangements for STE resilience    
D.s14. Top down or Bottom Up? Planning approaches and Collective Action for Resilience Science Open  
D.s15. Governing Systemic Risks with Morally Sensitive Resilience Strategies Science Open
D.s16. Building STE system resilience through Institutions & Governance: Reflections from theory and practice Science & Practice Open
D.s17. Stakeholder involvement in the design and implementation of resilient urban water systems Science & Practice               Open
E. Resilience against epidemics    
E.s0. Resilience against epidemics Science Open  

Workshops (3,5 hours)

The following workshops will take place during the conference. More information about workshops will follow shortly.

A. Designing resilient systems    
A.w1. Risk thinking versus Resilience thinking (2 hours) Practice             Open
B. Modelling complex and interdependent STE systems    
B.w3. AI and Data-driven Frameworks for Urban Resilience Science Open
B.w4. Resilience futures challenge - battle of methods Science Open
B.w5. Games for Urban Resilience Showcase and Gameplay Event Science & Practice Open/Invited
C. Measuring and analysing resilience of interdependent STE systems    
C.w6. Toward a common language for resilience engineering and risk analysis in future digital cities Science Invited
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