Smart Function Kit for Pressing; June
 15 from 8:30 - 9:15 CEST

Plug & Produce

Everybody has heard of plug & play – but what about plug & produce? We can demonstrate to you how solutions that are already designed for the Factory of the Future can be put to immediate use in an industrial setting. Discover the Smart Function Kit – the system toolbox for simple pressing and joining applications.

Operation without programming skills
No matter whether you are talking about assembly, joining, forming, or testing – the Smart Function Kit enables many applications to be quickly and efficiently put into practice. The modular system combines software and mechanical and electric Rexroth components to create a unique package. And the best thing of all: The Smart Function Kit will be delivered in a package that includes pre-installed operating software and can be put to operation without any programming skills!

Free live webinar

We will be happy to show you how easily it works in a descriptive live demonstration as part of our free webinar. Sounds good? If so, we look forward to welcome you in our free live webinar, June 15 from 8:30 - 9:15 CEST


Smart Function Kit

We have posted some initial insights about the capabilities of the Smart Function Kit on our website: www.boschrexroth.com/smart-function-kit


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